Monday, May 24, 2010

Fish Net Sun Burn.

2 Words. Yesterday Sucked.

Okay so knowing that I had to get up at 3 in the morning, I stayed at Kevin's house til about 10 on Saturday then Stayed up on the computer til about 12:30. I had an amazing time at Kevin's (:

My dad woke me up at 3 so we could go to the Flea market and sell some crap. It was absolutely the hottest day so far this year. The Flea Market has no shade at all. It was torture. I fell asleep in the truck on the way there and its about an hour away. He woke me up so we could set up. He likes to be there and to set up right before it gets light outside. We got a pretty good spot...if there was only some shade.... But anyways. After we set up some chick came over and talked to my dad for a good hour. We sat around and did nothing for a long time. We sold some crap. I thought it would be a nice day because in the morning til about 9 I had a blanket covering me because I was freezing. I was so mad. I put a phone card into my phone and everything but it would not let me text at all. I put it in at 6. I spent 2 hours trying everything I could to be able to text. I restarted my phone a good 20 times. I even put my sim card into another phone to see if it would work. I finally got fed up with it cause I had nothing better to do but just sit in that crappy chair and I called the phone people. Of course it was a Sunday and they didn't open til 10. So then I walked around a bit and went and sat down for another hour or so. My mom finally got there and gave us Breakfast which was pretty good cause I was starving. It was McDonalds. So then I walked around with my mom. We went inside and looked around. I was trying to find a cute head band cause head bands make my hair look amazing. I called the phone place back and they gave me some Asian chick who I could barely understand but she fixed my phone and I started texting. I never did find a head band. I used to have a really cute Gothic head band but I left it at Amber's.... So we went and bought some tomato plants. We went back and sat around for a while. Texted mainly. Of course Kevin didn't wake up until noon :/ But yeah. The sun was blazing, It was burning up out side, I was wearing black and skinny jeans, I got sick after I went to Kevin's so I was feeling crappy, And I was tired. all weekend I didn't get much sleep.

Friday I woke up at 6 went to bed at about 3 am.

Saturday I woke up at about 8:30 and went to bed at about 12:30.

Sunday I woke up at 3 and went to bed about 11

and had to wake up today at 5:30.

All weekend with no naps and I'm the type of person who sleeps my life away.

Anyways, I ran into some of my family at the Flea Market. We ended up leaving at 1. We packed the truck and left. Before we left I had bought some shaved ice and rock candy. Bought Kevin rock candy too. We left and stopped at gramma's, Stopped at my cousin's house, and went home. I ate a bunch, Then my mom took me to Kohl's. She bought me 2 Gothic/ Emo head bands that are adorably and Ultra Black Sparkly Emo eyes shadow. Made me happy.

My cold that I had is getting worse and I'm gonna end up getting Kevin sick cause he won't stop kissing me even if I am sick.

Oh yeah, And the blazing sun. I got sun burnt. The funny part is that I was wearing fish nets on my arms when I got sun burnt.

And that how I ended up with this amazing Fish Net Sun Burn.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We're all dreamers.

Either we know it or we don't. Some of us have dreams but yet we bury them so deep that we can't dig them out. Some of our dreams don't seem practical and they get buried. Or some of us get put down so much that the dreams are hidden under our sadness. We drown them in our tears. We dream of a good life and a good future. We dream of magic and fantasies. We dream of flying in the skys like a newborn creature. Some dreams are too far to reach and slip out from our grasp. Reality overcomes us and our biggest dreams die and become nightmares. Most of our dreams aren't included in reality. But what do we get from that? Nightmares. Lies. Terror. Look at the past. People have had unrealistic dreams and they have came true. The lightbulb was once an unrealistic dream. Same with cars and the internet. But what we truly need to learn from dreams is that we shouldn't bury them. Keep dreaming. Without dreams we would be nothing. We gotta shoot for the stars.

We're all dreamers whether we choose to be or not.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things to do Before I Die.

1. Play Russian Roulette.

2. Pet a Squirrel.

3. Sit on the sidewalk somewhere and yell at random people as they walk by.

4. Go on a shopping spree to Hot Topic.

5. Buy a 2 liter of vault and drink it all.

6. Write a Hit List.

7. Do a guy's makeup and wardrobe girly.

8. Grow my hair down to my butt.

9. Start a Family.

10. Actually be someone important.

11. Marry the love of my life.

12. Fly in an airplane.

13. Visit Paris.

14. Sing in front of a crowd.

15. Ride in a mechanical scooter through Walmart.

16. Get in a really big accident and survive.

17. Bleach my hair.

18. Feed a Hobo.

19. Spend 10 hours on the phone at once.

20. Nearly murder somebody.

21. Make a heart out of our hands with a boy.

22. Watch a chicken lay an egg.

23. Jab a horse with a stick.

24. Have a Blog people actually read.

25. Run into a church on Sunday during their preaching time and yell "Atheist Power!" Then run out.

26. Be in an angry mob.

27. Have at least 15 hamsters at one time.

28. Get told "I'd do absolutely anything for you." by a guy.

29. Get an A on a really important Exam.

30. Be a virgin until I get married.

31. Make a Fantastic cake for Kevin on a very special day.

32. Receive a dozen Black Roses by somebody.

33. Give a dozen Black Roses to somebody.

34. Learn to play the Violin.

35. Learn to play the Piano.

36. Learn to play the Drums.

37. Be a Clarinet in Marching Band all 4 years of High School.

38. Live in Tennessee for a year.

39. Smash a cell phone with a hammer.

40. Break a window with my fist.

41. Swim with Sharks.

42. Throw a huge Party.

43. Skydive.

44. Learn all French.

45. Learn to Roller Blade.

46. Ride a Camel.

47. Get spit on by a Llama.

48. Ride in a canoe with Kevin.

49. Shower in a Waterfall.

50. Communicate with the Dead.

51. Watch a Lunar Eclipse.

52. Write my Will.

53. Sleep outside on the ground, under the stars with somebody.

54. Sleep all night in Kevin's arms. (While I'm young)

55. Learn to juggle.

56. Go to a circus.

57. Do a barrel roll out of a car and let it go into the ocean off of a Cliff.

58. Smash a Watermelon with a hammer.

59. Write a song.

60. Ride a Giraffe.

61. Try at least 20 different hair cuts.

62. Feel proud of myself.

63. See myself in my child's eyes.

64. Get my Limbreh pierced.

65. Gauge my ears again.

66. Get to the weight size I've always wanted.

67. Embarrass myself majorly but feel no different

68. Turn a straight guy gay and a gay guy straight.

69. Float in outer space while eating a Banana.

70. Ride in a Hot air Balloon.

71. Ride a Ferris wheel with Kevin.

72. River raft.

73. Crash an Airplane.

74. Climb a pyramid.

75. Build a Tree House.

76. Pet an Elephant Seal.

77. Feed a Goat a tire.

78. Feed a Tiger a giant steak out of my hands.

79. Tell somebody my life story.

80. Teach a Blind person how to read.

81. Jump into a Volcano and come out alive.

82. Paint Graffiti.

83. Build an Igloo.

84. Bury a Time Capsule.

85. Create a new food.

86. Pet a Jellyfish.

87. Send 5000 texts in one day.

88. Read a novel in a day.

89. Have a job that I love.

90. Learn how to say 'I love you' in 13 different languages.

91. Watch a full Sunset with somebody I love.

92. Ride in a submarine.

93. Go mountain climbing.

94. Go to the north pole.

95. Fly in a wing suit strapped to an airplane.

96. Ride in a helicopter.

97. Walk to Great wall of China.

98. Make a complete meal on my own and have other people eat it.

99. Overcome my fear of Wasps.

100. Learn to Love myself how I am.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Locket.

Yesterday was me and Kevin's one month(:
Okay so I was talking to Kevin on either Monday or Tuesday and I said that I'm gonna draw him a beastly picture. It turned out flippin amazing(: I was happy and excited. It looked great. The main part of it was a big heart in the middle (it looked almost perfect) and a heartbeat on both sides of the heart going off the page with I Love You written in cursive in the middle of it. It was pretty sweet. And I wrote a bunch of stuff on it too. He told me that I should give it to him on Friday so I was like alright I will. So me and him meet at the circle in the morning (the circle is my group of friends in the lobby) When I first get there I wait about 10 minutes for Kevin to arrive. I was talking to my friends and I was showing them my beastly picture and they were telling me cute ways I could give it to him. Yeah none of them were me. Well he walked in and we hugged like we always do (long hug(: ) And then I grabbed the picture and gave it to him. Of course my 3 besties over there were starring at us watching everything and they said that was stupid cause I didn't give it to him in any cute way... But he stood there and read it(: (He hung it on his wall later that day) Then he hugged me and thanked me for the picture. Its just a picture, nothing special. Then he said 'My Turn' and got down in his backpack and pulled out a little white box. When he said my turn I could've sworn he would pull out a picture he drew... That box was definitely not a picture... So he stood there was trying to hand it to me. I was in a state of shock. My eyes were wide and my mouth was open. (My friends were still watching) Reality snapped in my face and my brain turned back on. I started crying and I gently grabbed the box. I'm pretty sure I was shaking at that point. I looked inside and I was in shock again... Then I quickly hugged him tight. Inside was the most beautiful Locket. It was the prettiest thing anybody has ever given me. Wow. The bell rang and we had to go to class but I didn't want that hug to end. We kissed and started walking. That was great. I love surprises but no surprise has ever made me cry. I cried for 3 class periods. I love the locket. I'm going to wear it everyday(: When I got home I put cute pictures of us in it(: I was not expecting that. Happy one month Kevin <3>