Saturday, October 30, 2010

I like to ramble on about pointless stuff.

According to my list of stuff I need to blog about, (which my father threw away) I have a lot to blog about. First off, Varsity show a few weeks ago went great. I danced Thriller and I only messed up once. Crap. i wish I had that list. It would've came in handy right now. On Tuesday I had that curse that I told you all about. Of course something bad happened to me, as usual. Ugh I hate Tuesdays. It was said that we would get up to 60 mph winds here. Of course we had a tornado warning during my 4th period class. Due to my phobia of thunderstorms, A Tornado just made that phobia sky rocket. I started freaking out, hyperventilating and crying. It only lasted like 10 minutes though, then we were aloud to go to 5th period. I don't like breaking down in front of people. The sucky part is, is that Kevin wasn't in my class and he wasn't there to calm me down. We never did have that Tornado though. After school on Tuesday was sun. Stayed after for the LAN party. Kevin and me didn't play the games though. We went and played magic, then went outside on the nature trail while it was still pouring down rain. We didn't have a football game last week so my Friday was boring. I went to Kevin's last Saturday. It was fun. We went out to eat with his family and we went bowling. I hate bowling. I'm terrible at it. I stayed at his house til 3 am. He got me a black rose. It's fake though but I love it anyways. Last week at around Wednesday or Thursday me and Aaron started going into the Gym for lunch. We sat if a group of guys. I made a few new friends. Storm, Tyler and Jarrod. Now everyday, I go into the gym to hang out with Jarrod. I've learned a lot about him. I'm hoping we will become besties. I keep telling Aaron that we're gonna be best friends. I hope so. He's a nice guy. Yay for new friends!. Kevin doesn't like me hanging around guys though. I don't like girls cause they aren't as fun and nice to me as guys are. So I'm still gonna hang out with them. I found out Jarrod lives almost right next to me. It's creepy. So yesterday was our last football game of the season. It was in Blanchester. It was terrible. Worst game ever for me. Note to self: Colorgaurd's are bitches. On the bus, Me and Kevin sat together in the back seat and the colorgaurd was in front of us. We weren't doing anything. I think I was tickling him but that's about it. We kissed ever now and then. The colorgaurd made up a story that we were 'doing stuff' and it got to the front of the bus to the bus driver. They bus driver did a hand check and made us separate. Does the colorgaurd hate us that much? Well once we got there the bus driver told us to stay on and she came back to talk to us. I was crying and freaking out. We weren't doing anything. The bus driver believed us and told us about how people are jealous and they like to make stuff up. We weren't in trouble. We weren't doing anything. I couldn't stop crying until after half time. I love band but I hate the people in it with a fiery passion. They kept talking about it the whole game, they kept coming up to us and mocking us. The whole band is gonna think I'm a whore now. I'm not a bad person. We weren't doing anything. I swear the only people that believe me are Chrissy and Allison. On top of all the bus stuff, I forgot my hat on the bus from all the chaos. Mrs. Smith tried to get it but they were the buses were at Gold Star getting food. She said that I might not be able to go on without wearing a hat. I talked to Mr. Moore and he said all I had to do was put my hair up. While we lined up I kept crying cause I was the only one without something on my head. I looked stupid. Every time someone asked where my hat was, I cried even harder. That game sucked. It was freezing all night too. So in other words, Yesterday sucked. I did have a great day at school though. Tonight Kevin and I are going out Trick-or-Treating. I hope I'll have fun. Well I'll blog soon. I'm too lazy to put up pictures on this blog. Takes a while to find the right ones though. Au Revoir.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay so I had this long list that I've been making for a week of stuff that I need to blog about. It's a pretty long list and everyday I add more to it. Well I've just been so lazy lately. But I found these pictures. They are absolutely hilarious to me. I love them! So I thought since I have blogged for a week, I would make a blog just on a few of the funny pictures. For more of them, go to I'm serious. Go there right now. They are amazing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It all started, When I was born.

Okay so I don't know what triggered this, but I've been cursed with Tuesday Fever. As far as I know, I've always had my bad days, on Tuesday. I dread to live every Tuesday. Either something bad happens to me that affects me alot, or I just plain old have a bad day. I"ll be sad and grouchy. At least 3 out of the 5 hamsters I've had died on Tuesdays. My Grandpa died on a Tuesday. I'm just cursed with bad Tuesdays. Last week, I woke up last, Didn't get to straighten my hair much, Had to rush out the door, Then I had a crappy day. Today, My morning was fine, Then it went crappy as hell. I came home and it was even worse. My life is on a cycle. I swear. Mondays I'm wide awake and I had either an alright day or a good day. Tuesdays are always horrible. Wednesdays vary. Thursdays is my favorite day and it's either a good day or an okay day. Friday's are usually good. Saturdays and Sundays are a surprise. So according to that cycle I know how my day will be. I can't say I'm being the person I'm happy with and the persoon I want to be. I need to speak up and let my voice be heard. The only happy part of who I am is Kevin. He's the onnly thing I've gotten right so far. I'm reading a book with actual words. I'm not getting that far in it. Words bore me. It's called Kitty's House of Horrors. It's alright. I've read much better things though. I'm also reading (Manga) Black Bird, Bound Beauty, and Her Majesty's Dog. That's what I'm reading this week. My school books tht I am currently reading for English is Tuesdays With Morrie. Ugh. More Tuesdays. I don't know what I've done to get cursed. MAybe I did something to somebody on a Tuesday and I'm paying my debt of Karma.
So Thursday is the Varsity Show for Marching Band. All day during Band I was begging to get a part in a dance. Since we are a show band we dance for the audiences enjoyment. It's fun. At Varsity shows Mr. Moore chooses 8 people at random for each dance. I REALLY wanted to dance in at least one. Last year he focused more on juniors and seniors. This year he's doing all the grades. Which made me get my hopes up to dance. I didn't get a dance. But Allison, one of my Clarinet friends, really didn't want to dance. She talked to Mr. Moore at the end of class and got me to dance in her place. I was happy after that. I'm dancing in Thriller. I'm excited. Band banquet is in a few weeks. This Friday we don't have a game. Sad Karen. So my Friday will probably suck.
I am currently painting my nails with a nail/screw. It has to be perfect. It's gonna look sweet.
I love confession converstions. I realive all my stress and guilt. I get it all out.
Well that's all I have in mind. See you soon.
This time, I've decided on sidewalk chalk art. And a picture of my I did when I got bored the other day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get to know me.

I realized something. I know all my posts have something to do with me but I haven't made a post of just me. So you all really don't know much about me. It will most likely be extremely boring but I need to write a post anyways.
I was born July 9th, 1995. I am 15 and a current sophomore at CNE High School. I am apparently a female since I seem to have a vagina. I am in Marching band. I love it but it is exhausting. I play the Clarinet. My favorite colors are dark purple and black. I have Green eyes with brown dots and a blue outline. I've recently gotten glasses. I have brown hair that I keep straightened. It is naturally wavy/puffy/curly. I want to grow my hair down to my butt. I always win at paleness wars so don't think that you're paler. I'm white but not white enough. I have lots of freckles. I currently have a Ganglion Cyst in my left wrist that I have to get removed on December 15th. I prefer dark chocolate over milk and white. My favorite candy is Milk duds. They are the shit. i have 5'4/5'5. I weigh 1_5. Only one person knows how much I weigh. I'm not good at talking to people I'm not familiar with. I hate cheerleaders. I'm not a people person. I'm not easily likable. I do talk a lot to people I know and like. I like to touch. I like to hump. I like to play the nervous game. Kevin won't let me touch/hump/nervous game to guys. I'm completely straight but sometimes I act gay. Let's face it, everybody at CNE likes to touch even if they're straight. My favorite foods are Peanut butter, baked potatoes, and soft pretzels. I hate sports. I only like Tennis. My favorite sport is band. I hate hunting. I hate animal cruelty. I love French and hope to have 4 years of French. I want to become fluent in French. I eat a lot of Chicken. I have been on 3 diets. I listen to Screamo and Techno. Songs bands/songs are my exception. I have many regrets but I like to live in the moment. I see life for what it truly is. I'm very optimistic. I have a mother and a father whom I don't get along with. I have an older sister and an older half-brother. My shoe size is 9 1/2. I wear a lot of black. I wear thick black eye shadow. My biggest fear is wasps and bees. I do not plan nor want to attend college. I want to be a waitress. My favorite games are sims games. I was born in Ohio. I live in Ohio. I am a heavy sleeper. I sleep with at least 4 pillows under my head and 3 heavy blankets. I vow to never smoke, drink, or do drugs. My best subject currently is Algebra. I'm good at spelling and grammar. I am a spelling Nazi and will correct you. I enjoy singing but not in front of people. My favorite flower is a black rose. I dream of getting one from somebody one day. I also dream of getting written a song and getting it sung to me. I don't do good under pressure. I hate getting put on the spot. I cry alot. I do shower daily. I freak out during thunderstorms. I love green eyes. I hate blue eyes. I hate cliches. I hate Converse. I do want one tattoo. I want it on my left wrist. I previously had size 4 gauges. I want to re gauge my ears to double 0's. I enjoy standing out. Getting called a freak is a compliment to me. My favorite word lately has been Penis. I am a virgin. My favorite band is Eyes Set to Kill. Look them up. I don't really have a favorite song. My favorite Youtube videos are DesandNate. Go look them up right now. You've never laughed so much in your entire life. I don't understand care talk. I'm not the best in school. I am in love with somebody right now who loves me back. Kevin Anthony Dehner II have been my boyfriend since March 31st 2010. I am planning on it being forever. He is exactly me, but with a Penis. We're just alike. I love him. My main best friends are Kevin, Amber, and Aaron. I collect scented candles. I'm am a strong Atheist. Don't talk about god to me. I will slap you. I don't force my religion on you, don't force yours onto me. I don't like drama. My favorite drink is vault. I do enjoy root beer and mountain dew. Orange Fanta is sex in a bottle. It is amazing. I have never had a monster. My favorite resteraunt is Crackle Barrel. I love horror movies. My favorite movie is The Ring. I do enjoy making out. I like a lot of tongue in it. I love magic tricks. Hugs make me feel better. Kevin won't let me hug guys. I do read, but I read Manga. My favorite books are Alone in the Dark and Chibi Vampire. I am an odd and strange person. You may find me random and bizarre. I love ice cream. It is my favorite dessert. My favorite fruit is lemons. My favorite gum is React 5 (the black one). I am double jointed in my thumb and can bend it so that it lies flat on my wrist. I hate scene chicks. I hate hair dye and artificial hair colors. I hate multicolored hair. I don't watch much television. My favorite show would be Ghost Hunters. I've never been to a just because party. My favorite name is Samarah. It is the little girl killer in The Ring. I think that it is a beautiful name. I have had 5 hamsters. I currently have a cat named Kitty Kitty and a mutt named Coby. My favorite animal is a cat. I hate monkeys, dolphins, and horses. I like to gleek on people. I love frills. I love Lolita dresses. I wish I were a better person. I enjoy biting. I have top and bottom fangs that are really sharp. I like hickeys. I am right handed. I am scared of oceans. I don't like many green foods. I am a very picky eater. I had my first kiss on April 2nd 2010 at 5:04 am in the CNE cafeteria near the end of the Lock In. With Kevin of course. I love cute things. I love stuffed animals. My favorite shape is a heart. I enjoy card games. I also enjoy chess. My favorite board game is The Game Of Life. I go to bed at around 11 at night. I do not cuss. I do say Hell. It doesn't exist nor is it a curse word. Gauges turn me on. I like shoulder length/ under the ear length of hair on guys. I like to be called beautiful. I do not have a nickname. I've never had a real nickname. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I do not have a hobby. I think we should have school all year round. I do not believe in revenge. I can not stand Twilight. I hate it. I honestly hate myself. My favorite season is Spring. I hate silence. I can't think when it's quiet. I prefer Facebook over Myspace. I like to blog. Small things make me happy. I prefer coldness over hotness. I believe in reincarnation. My biggest pet peeve is short texts. Do not send me one word text messages. I also hate slow texters. My favorite store is Hot Topic. Looks don't matter to me. I do believe in karma.
That enough of that. It is 11. And as you read above, it is my sleepy time. Goodnight. Sorry if this blog was long and boring.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Ahh Homecoming. 'A Night in Hollywood' was the theme. Of course Kevin and I wore Purple and Black. Which isn't really Hollywood-ish. But it is our favorite colors. I looked fabulous and he looked extremely hott, or Handsome shall I say. He looked amazing. Hey, he always looks amazing. Him and his parents came over to our house at about 6. They took many pictures of us. Some of the pictures turned out really good. I'll add my favorites at the end. We are the cutest couple ever. His parents took us to homecoming. There, we met Amber a Zach. They didn't really match but they did make a cute couple, even if she doesn't like him. I tried to get them together. It didn't work. Instead I probably ended up ruining their homecoming.... But I had a great time. I slow danced with Kevin 3 or 4 times. Now he was the first guy I ever danced with. Lucky for me, that was his very first homecoming. He said it was amazing. I'm glad he had fun. To my luck, nobody else was wearing a Tiara and nobody else had my dress. I do think my dress was prettier than everybody else's. I also learned how to grind. Afterwards, My parents picked us up, took us to UDF, me and Kevin got a shake, then we went to his house. I managed to get maybe 5 minutes alone with him in his room. That's a different story. You don't need to know my personal life. I then left and that was the end of my Cinderella night. The clock struck midnight and I turned into that ordinary girl I was before. He had gotten me a beautiful pink corsage and he got a matching one for his shirt. He gave me this silver bracelet at homecoming for our 6 months too. It's really pretty. I love it. I love him. I got my glasses yesterday. They look good on me. A lot of poeple told me that they like them, today. Anyways, I can't think of much more to say. So here's the pictures.