Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bunch of crap.

This is a blog with a bunch of random updates.
First of all. I enjoy Silly bands.
I am officially a Sophomore. I had my first Marching band event of my Sophomore year on Sunday and it made me realize that I'm now a Sophomore. And Kevin is now a Junior. (Old hag). Anyways.... I had to do a Parade. I am fat. I couldn't keep up with the pressure because I have sat in the nice cold air conditioning all summer and I have not gotten up from the computer at all. Maybe once to go to the library. But that's it. And I've had my Summer reading book for a month and I haven't even read 30 pages of it yet. I now realize that it's almost August. I'm really not ready to be a Sophomore. Guess I have to first. I have to make up all those classes that I failed and I should really try hard this time. Also, Band camp is all next week Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. I am dreading it. It's gonna be really hot.

A word from Kevin- "Scratchin' my junk!"

Lately I've been having Problems with my Tonsils but I think I'll still keep them.
Okay, So I went to Kevin's on Saturday. It was really fun. We had our "Fun" and then we played Roller Coaster Tycoon, And Rock Band. Then we watched Paranormal Activity. Scariest movie I've ever seen. It was really good but it was really scary. If you've ever seen it you'll know that you can't sleep right after you see it. I really wanna see Paranormal Activity 2 With Kevin but he said he won't go with me. Its just that scary. Great movie though. The Friday before the Saturday My parents invited Kevin to go to the movies with us. We went and seen The Sorcerers Apprentice. It was pretty good. Though I was a little distracted, if you know what I mean.

Back to the subject of band. I have no friends at all in band. Whitley joined Color Guard. I see no point what so ever in Color Guard. It's just a bunch of cheerleaders for the band. And I do not think that the band should have cheerleaders cause cheerleaders are whores.

My Beliefs.
I am Atheist. There is no god, nor Heaven, Nor Hell. There is no Angels, nor Devils. Though I do believe in reincarnation. I believe that we make mistakes in our lives to prepare ourselves for our next lives so we can fix them and try and take the right path. I do believe that we all have had past lives, though we do not remember it. I believe that our spirits wait in a long line to be reborn into new living creatures. I also believe that we each have our own Guardian Spirits guiding us through our lives. Sort of like our conscience.

I realized that I want to be a waitress when I get older. Why does that sound so weird? I don't want to be some big important person but for some reason a waitress just sounds good.

I need a job. I need money. I want to find a job. But nobody hires at 15.

I am now level 77 on Runescape. It makes me happy.

I need to start my period. Like right now.

Now for your own amusement....

That's right. Masturbate to that picture.

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