Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of School.

Today's Weather: Sunny with a chance of Bullshit. I hate the new principal. He changed the new lunch schedule. Now instead of it being 50 minutes long, it is now 30. We used to be able to go anywhere in the school during lunch. Now we have to stay in the cafeteria. The worst part is, Freshmen and sophomores eat together, and Juniors and Seniors eat together. I'm a sophomore. Kevin is a Junior. I don't get to see him at lunch anymore. Today was terrible. Until band. Kevin got his schedule changed, and now he is in Marching Band! It made me soooo happy! I can now stare at him all class period ;) This is the first time I get to be in a class with him. He's on Symbols. :D I'll hang out with him on Thursdays after school, On Friday's at football games, and this Saturday is OU Band day. You know what that means, don't you? We have to be at the school at 9 am. We won't get back until at midnight. All day! It's also a 3 hour bus ride there and back on Croswell buses. We're gonna sit together. And on the way home when it's all nice and dark we're gonna make out on the bus! Hell yeah! He looks so cute on the Symbols. They go great with his hair ^_^ I'm so happy he joined. Now I won't be lonely. He's by my side. The rest of my day sucked. We all know how the first day of school is. You find your classes, feel awkward as hell walking in, sit down, and listen to your teacher tell you rules for an hour. They pass out papers you have to get signed and then you pretend to listen to them talk about themselves. Pretty self explanatory. I sat with the usual group. Aaron, Mariah, Michaela and Crystal. I'll probably be besties with them again this year. I made a new friend! His name is Alakos (Al-A-koos). His last name is forgettable. He's from Greece! But his English name is Alex. But I hate that name. So I'll call him Alakos :P I had a bad hair day today. I couldn't cut my bangs worth crap and they would straighten. Plus my hair started curling after an hour. Maybe tomorrow will be better? Let's hope so. Well I gotta go burn crap. See ya.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo shoot.

So every once in a while I take my tripod and my camera and I get all dressed up and stuff and I take pictures of myself. Just for show of course. I'm not that pretty but I like taking pictures of myself. Conceited? Ehh not really. Kevin is way more beautiful(: Anyways, A couple posts ago I wrote that I got Black skinny jeans and a black sparkly tutu to go with them. Well a couple days ago we went to the mall. I got purple and black knee high socks, fish nets, and an Escape The Fate T shirt from Hot Topic. It has a cute demon girl on it. Anyways, The good pictures I kept from my photo shoot will be at the end of this post. Tell me whatcha think :D So.... School starts in a week. I am a Sophomore. I actually have prom this year, since Kevin is a junior. I'm excited about school. I haven't got much clothes, but since I'm grounded, I can't see Kevin. So I'm pumped that starting on Tuesday I get to see him every day! Ahh, there's nothing like the true bliss of love. I realized today, My dad said I'm gonna be driving in a year. I've decided to get my temps when I'm 16. Then I'll get my license around 16 1/2 to 17. Also, I told my dad today that he is a horrible person. That made me feel good. I went to the library today. I got my summer reading book on DVD, The Secret Life Of Bees. It was a pretty good movie. There was violence and deaths and suicides and love. It was great. I also got book one of Fruits Basket, Even though I already seen the anime of it, might as well read it. Book one of W Juliet. Book one of Phantom Dream.Book one of Me & My Brothers. And a book with actual words. Weird right? I'm into Manga but I stumbled upon this book in the Manga part of the library. It's called Gifted and there is more than one book to it. I figure I'll start reading it tomorrow. I love books. It's like an escape from the chaos of this world. Well anyways, I have to go do some Pest Controlling on Runescape. Here's my pictures! ^_^

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We all have people in our family that we just can not stand. Like out of my immediate family, My second cousic Elana. I hate that name so much. I also have a thing against red heads because the ones I know are all stuck up, full of it, and snobby. Well Elana is a spoiled little brat. Her mom buys her everything she wants because she's an only child. She goes to concerts every week for Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers. Not that I envy that because I hate Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers with a passion. Elana is only 7 and I hate her so much. Then there is family that you're best friends with. Such as one of my second cousins, Mykayla. She is 14. She is one of my black cousins. She's really nice. We're about the same age so we talk about guys alot. We talk about cute boys and our boyfriends. Like, she is one of my only friends that actually asks alot about me and Kevin and how's it going with us and stuff like that. She actually like having me talk about him. Though I do the same with her. lol. Her brother is a total bitch though.Then there is cousins that love us. (not in a creepy incest way though) Like two of my second cousins, Stone and Levi. They're 10 year old twins. Levi hates me but Stone loves me. Stone loves my massages though. He always has me give him one. So I always carry lotion with me just for that reason. lol. Story short, We have to learn to live with them. No matter how much you wish they would get hit by a train. You have to learn to just zone out when they're talking to you and just learn to ignore them. We can't choose our family. I've never ever told my parents I love them. Cause I'm not gonna tell somebody I love them when I really don't. I'll probably regret it when I'm older but I don't really care. I'll learn from their mistakes and I'll become a better parent then they are. I'll make sure I'm a good parent so my kids love me.
Today I have band practice. First time I've seen Kevin in a week. I can only see him in public because I"m grounded. I get to see the person I love most. I also get kisses :D
Well I'm out. Peace yo.
Ha that doesn't sound good coming from a chick with dark makeup and emo hair.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th.

My Friday the 13th wasn't too bad actually.
I got up, and my dad took me clothes shopping. I got 3 tops and a black Owl necklace. Last year I was a mix between girly and emo. I don't want to be girly. This year I will wear goth and emo stuff. Occaisionally a color or two. Anyways, after that I had to go up to the University of Cincinnati. That's my sister's college. We were there about a half hour. Then we had to drive down Cincinnati through the really bad and violent part of it. My dad is highly racist. He's stupid. There is no difference between a black person and a white person other than the color of their skin.

Anyways, that's not the point. I go home, and when onto my blog to check it. 11 followers! That made me extremely happy. Thank you for all who has followed my blog. You make my day <3

I also went onto Runescape. That game has me hooked again. I then went out to eat at Penn Station. That place epicly suckes I hate it. I wanted to order a 5$ foot long. But oh wait! That's at Subway! Instead their foot longs are about 10$. 6 inches are 5$. Subway is alot better. The only thing that was good there was their fries. Afterwards we went to the movies and seen The Other Guys. It was alright. We went home and I went back onto Runescape and talked to Kevin for about an hour after everyone had went to sleep.

So that's pretty much how I spent my life on Friday the 13th. Pretty boring right? Well it wasn't that bad for me. Though it was bad for that baby rabitt I had to watch get hit while we were at a stop sign. Asshole. The guy didn't even try to slow down. He just kept going and speeding up. Could've dodged it. It was just a baby! It had so much to live for!

I wanna be a Vegan. Don't know what that is? An extreme Vegitarian. Along with not eating meat they also do not eat any food that has to do with animals such as Milk, Dairy products, and Eggs. I don't want to do it alone though so I want somebody close to me to do it with me. Such as Kevin but he won't cause he loves meat and milk and cheese and crap like that. I just feel so bad for the animals, ya know? They didn't do anything to deserve being killed by selfish humans to become their food. And with chickens. Oh look we're at a Chicken breeding farm. How wonderful! look at all the chickens sitting on their little eggs. Look! Those eggs are just hatched! Aww! How cute! 6 little baby chickens who will one day get beheaded, wrapped up in packaging, and shipped off to various stores and restraunts. Ain't that cute? Hey, somebody is picking up the mom of those 6 chicks. Hmm. She's being put on a metal table. Oh, they're probably gonna check to see if she's in shape and healthy. BANG! Well, there goes those chicks' mom. Soon, she'll get beheaded and cut up into many little pieces and served as popcorn chicken at KFC.

I want to be a vegan.

On another note, I had just gotten out of the shower and dressed cause I have to go with my parents to some stupid concert tonight.

Here are some thing I learned from Screamo:

1.The longer and louder the scream, the more hott it is. 2.If you can’t understand it, it is quality screamo. 3.One person in the band has 2 or more facial piercings. Always. 4.The lead singer, or the lead screamer (vocalist) is always the hottest in the band. 5.Tattoos. Lots of them. 6.Screamo Band members like to wear other band shirts. 7.If there is a girl in the band, she is always extremely beautiful. 8.Referred to as Devil’s music. 9.The guys in the band normally have extremely amazing hair. 10.The screamer can go minutes without breathing in between the verses. 11.The lyrics never have to make sense.

Random o.O

How is me and Kevin?

Why thank you for asking. We are completely wonderful as always. We never fight or argue. We're just a perfectly perfect couple. He always there for me and I try to always be there for him.

I am perfectly in love with the perfect guy.

Sweet, sensitive, loving, loyal, dark side, nice, caring, there for me, adorable, cute, nice to everyone and everything.

Too late girls, he's off the market. MINE!

Off that subject. I like to give you all a picture or two to make your day in my blogs. So here you go.

Sadly, this is all I could find.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well I'm grounded again. I was grounded from the house phone, cell phone and computer. Then I layed in my bed and didn't eat for 3 days. So now I can at least get on the computer. Kevin and I are now mailing each other. It's snail mail but hey, it's some form of communication. I'm not gonna tell you why I'm grounded. Let's just say I'm a bad person. On the other hand. I'm still alive, right? Well I guess I didn't die from the solar flare. Anyways, I haven't seen my best friend since March 28th. Hmmm. That's the day I started talking to Kevin when me and Amber stalked his Facebook. Amber, ahh I sure miss you. Alot. Wait! I did see her. Last month. I haven't spent the night with her since March 28th. But I did see her. When see crashed my very first date. It was funny but I wanted the date to be very special. Not that it wasn't, But I wanted it to be just me and Kevin. It was really great to see Amber though. I went shopping for school cloth today. I think that they should make girl manikins fatter. Not like really fat but fatter. Like an average girl size. Not that skinny. Who's really that skinny nowadays anyways? I mean, the shirts and dresses look great on the manikins. So you go and try it on thinking that it will look just as great on you. What do ya know, It looks terrible. That's because most girls don't have the picture perfect body that the manikins have. We're not fake like they are. That just ticks me off. Today, I got black skinny jeans. And I got a really cute sparkly tutu to go over them. Perfect, right? I'll eventually put pictures up. I have had the hiccups twice today, including right now. I need a job. For one, I want to go on more dates. Two, I want to get stuff at Hot Topic. Three, I want to be a member on Runescape. And four, Just to have some money in my pockets. But I am 15. Not many places allow jobs at age 15. When I'm 16 I'm gonna be a waitress. Maybe somewhere where the shirts that they have to wear would make my boobs look amazing. Flaunt it. Eh. Getting yelled at. I'll blog later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Solar Flare.

So if you have been watching the new today you would know that there is a thing called a Solar Flare headed towards the earth. The sun erupted early sunday creating many Solar Flares in space. A Solar Flare is like a meteor. It's headed towards the Earth. It is supposed to hit us by later tonight and tomorrow. It was said that it would hit many satalites and interfere with some communications. I'm usually a very optimistic person but this just happens to be one of my pessimistic moments. In my mind, I believe it will actually hit the earth, leading us all to a firey death.

So since I believe I'm going to die, this might be my last post.

I have band camp this week. Yesterday was terrible. My back is burnt because I didnt put sun block on my back. I couldn't play any of the songs. We did fundamentals for hours and hours. We were outside in the sun all day. Today was better. My back hurt, my thumb is cut from having to hold up my Clarinet with my thumb. My chect is burnt today leaving white lines from there I had on a necklace. I can now play Superstion, Apache, and most of September. I still need to learn to play Play that Funky Music, and Give up the Funk. We did learn one of the song rutines. I'm pretty good at it.

Well I'll blog again on Thursday, if I'm still alive that is.