Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of School.

Today's Weather: Sunny with a chance of Bullshit. I hate the new principal. He changed the new lunch schedule. Now instead of it being 50 minutes long, it is now 30. We used to be able to go anywhere in the school during lunch. Now we have to stay in the cafeteria. The worst part is, Freshmen and sophomores eat together, and Juniors and Seniors eat together. I'm a sophomore. Kevin is a Junior. I don't get to see him at lunch anymore. Today was terrible. Until band. Kevin got his schedule changed, and now he is in Marching Band! It made me soooo happy! I can now stare at him all class period ;) This is the first time I get to be in a class with him. He's on Symbols. :D I'll hang out with him on Thursdays after school, On Friday's at football games, and this Saturday is OU Band day. You know what that means, don't you? We have to be at the school at 9 am. We won't get back until at midnight. All day! It's also a 3 hour bus ride there and back on Croswell buses. We're gonna sit together. And on the way home when it's all nice and dark we're gonna make out on the bus! Hell yeah! He looks so cute on the Symbols. They go great with his hair ^_^ I'm so happy he joined. Now I won't be lonely. He's by my side. The rest of my day sucked. We all know how the first day of school is. You find your classes, feel awkward as hell walking in, sit down, and listen to your teacher tell you rules for an hour. They pass out papers you have to get signed and then you pretend to listen to them talk about themselves. Pretty self explanatory. I sat with the usual group. Aaron, Mariah, Michaela and Crystal. I'll probably be besties with them again this year. I made a new friend! His name is Alakos (Al-A-koos). His last name is forgettable. He's from Greece! But his English name is Alex. But I hate that name. So I'll call him Alakos :P I had a bad hair day today. I couldn't cut my bangs worth crap and they would straighten. Plus my hair started curling after an hour. Maybe tomorrow will be better? Let's hope so. Well I gotta go burn crap. See ya.

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