Monday, May 30, 2011

My weakness.

Everybody has a weakness that they like to keep hidden, Mine just happens to be Envy and it's been showing a lot.
Okay, cut me some slack.
I'm a sixteen year old high school girl with her seventeen year old boyfriend who just happens to be loving and funny (not to mention sexy) and is nice to everyone he meets and can make anybody his friend. Who wouldn't love a guy as perfect as him?
Honestly, I don't mean to always be so jealous, it's just natural for me. I guess it shows how much I care for him? well when he gets jealous it lets me know that he cares.
My jealousy isn't just with Kevin, though.
I get jealous of other people's parents and how close they are. How chill they are and let their kid spend night with her boyfriend for 4 days. I get jealous girls who are prettier than me, (which isn't a lot. Have you seen the girls here? W-H-O-R-E-S. And trust me, Honey, being a whore is not cute.) I mean, yeah, I have pretty hair, and a pretty smile. I have a pretty eye color and great boobs. I just need to work on my figure, and some other stuff.
So, I don't only get jealous with Kevin, it's just a big part of it. It's not that bad, I just need to learn how to control it.
With Kevin:
I've learned to control some of it. I'm in the process of not saying "Is she pretty?" to him. He always gives me the same answer anyways. "No, Karen, I'm not paying attention to her." "I only have eyes for you." "You're the only person in the world who's pretty." And stuff along those lines. Honesty is policy with us. We have a trust thing going on. We can actually trust each other. He just doesn't trusts guys around me, and I don't trust girls around him, but we deal with it. It's kind of more hard on him though because I hate girls. Can't stand them. Amber basically the only female friend that I have. I hate girls, girls hate me. It works that way. All of my Friends are mainly guys. Guys are nice to me. Girls are just mean. Am I the only one who thinks girls are a hell of a lot worse than guys are? Well I like guys. They make better friends. But I can never picture myself with any other guy than Kevin. He's the only guy for me. He's seriously the only guy I ever want. I think some guys are cute sometimes, but I really only have eyes for Kevin. I may think some are cute every now and then, but I could never be with anyone other than Kevin. He's my one and only.
With other girls:
Okay, I've eased up a lot.
I don't care if Kevin has female friends. I don't care if he talks to them or laughs with them and has fun conversations with them. I mean, why should I be that much of a hypocrite? I'm always around guys and they crack me up. Kevin has every right to have female friends. I'm not saying that it won't bug me though. I need to get used to it. I know it bugs him when I'm around guys just as much as it bugs me when he's around girls. But it's alright though cause we trust each other. I don't care about any of that, but I am a hypocrite about something. And I'll admit it too. I'm a Hypocrite. I don't want him hugging girls. I know, I sound controlling, but I'm really not. We have an equal and loving relationship that a lot of people can't handle. Nobody wears the pants with us. We each own one pant legs. I have stuff that I don't like, and he has stuff that he doesn't like. One of them just happens to be hugging girls. I'd rather not have some other girl put their tits all other his chest. Too close for my likings. Karen don't do hugs. I love hugs though. I'm a hypocrite and I don't care. I'm a great girlfriend to him. And he's the best boyfriend there will ever be.
Karen and Kevin.
3-31-10 ~ The end of time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Friend's House? Yes!

I'm going to Amber's tomorrow! I'm excited. We're going to Pancakes birthday too. Well I'm not too sure if we're going to his house or if he;s just coming over. I think he's coming over though. Plus, it's supposed to be a pretty weekend. In the 80's! That's a first for Ohio.
So remember what I said that my sister got in a wreck back in February? Well she did it again yesterday. Except this time she didn't get a cool scar on her forehead that looks like a lightning bolt and her car isn't totaled. She only screwed up the bumper this time but she also involved another car this time. The cops are taking her license away for six months this time though. She has too many points against her too. Mommy told me yesterday that I need to hurry up and get my license so I can drive her around, but I'm not getting my temps until I turn 16 next month. Woo? Well I'm also getting a job. I can't wait. I hate being in the house all day every day. After tomorrow, we only have four days of school left. I can't wait. Kevin and I decided that we were going to go to Kings Island the first day of Summer break.
SO our school is stupid now. I passed all of my OGT's (Ohio Graduation Tests) and what they also do is you get a final exam exemption in the subject you passes. I passed all five (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.) So I should get 5 exam exemptions..... Right? Wrong. That had is every year before ours that we are allowed to use the writing exemption on a foreign language or an elective. Well they changed that a week before the freaking exams. It ticks me off. I was looking forward to not taking any exams. Well my French teacher has all these stupid plans for our exam like making a poster, doing a dance, and a written test. Well I straight up told her that I refuse to do the dance. Karen don't dance. She said that it's fine as long as I think of something do instead of it. I'm ticked off though cause I don't want to do any of the exam. Je deteste danser!
I hate this. I wanted to just read all of the last two days of school. Oh well. I'm finally not sick anymore though. So that's a good thing, I guess.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doomsday? Pshh. No sweat.

Hello blogging world.
For all of those who are reading this, it looks like the Doomsday was a Doomsfail.
I have decided to write a rough draft of this post on my Ipad. I am obsessed with it. MY mom got it free from her work. It's the shizz. Anyways, I'm sorry that I have not blogged in a while. Since I got Runescape membership a couple weeks ago, that has been all I could do, basically. This this is very fun to type on. I didn't go to school on Friday cause I'm sick, then I felt guilty all weekend because of my schedule. Since I wasn't there on Friday, I wasn't there to turn it in either. I'll turn it in tomorrow. I didn't go cause I felt like crap. My throat is teaming up with my head to murder me. The book I'm reading write now is really good though. It is confusing but oh well. I don't have much to say. This is like an update. Kevin and I are doing perfect as always. The world was supposed to end yesterday, for all of those who don't live in a cave. Or in the woods like Osama. He wasn't even in the woods. He was living out in the open, in a mansion, for 10 years. We couldn't even find him. Osama Bin Laden is the Hide and Seek champion. *Back on subject* That's pretty crazy. I didn't believe it though. Well, I didn't, until near 6 Kevin kept was talking to me and I asked him if he believed it and he said "Not at all......well..... there is that slim chance......" And that's when I started freaking out. I decided to joke around about it though cause I felt uneasy. I kept saying stuff like, "If the world doesn't end, I think I'll make some brownies later" and "This is the time when I have to make the life-changing decision.....Should I eat my Subway sub..... Or die hungry...." I like to joke about stuff when I feel uneasy. But yeah. Nobody can predict when the world is going to end. Plus, if the guy was wrong back in 1994 then he is most likely wrong now, also. Another this is that he predicted it's going to end by a huge earthquake. First of all, how likely is it that a big apocalyptic earthquake is just going to end all of human civilization? Not likely at all. Second of all, no human can predict an earthquake. An earthquake is a natural disaster, not a predicted disaster. Did we predict hurricane Katrina? Nope. Did we predict the earthquake in Haiti? Nope. What about all those tornadoes that ripped through the south of U.S? Nope. And that thing that happened in Japan. None of these cases were predicted. They're called natural for a reason. Do you predict that you're going to start having dandruff tomorrow? Do you predict that you're going to get a paper cut in the next 12.7 seconds?
What I really hate is that everybody keeps saying that it's going to end yesterday by a Zombie Apocalypse. WRONG! The dude did not even mention Zombies. There was two major news stories going on at the same time. The dude with the doomsday earthquake, and the radiation in Japan could cause the rise of the dead in the near future. THE TWO STORIES DO NOT INTERTWINE! DON'T GET THEM MIXED UP! I swear, if I hear one more person say "I'm sad that the world didn't end on Saturday cause I was looking forward to getting ate by a Zombie," I'm going to punch a 3 legged infant.
This post lasted longer than I thought it would.
Okay, right after the clock hit 6:00 pm, a lot of my friends posted really funny status' on Facebook. Here are some!

"The world is ending in 5 minutes... You better start on your bucket list :p" -Alex 5:56
"WE DIDN'T DIE!!!" -Samantha 6:01
"Look, I'm still I'm not dead." -Callie 6:02
"Well, I'm still alive. I'll just go on with my daily life now. Thank" - Alex 6:02
"Man, This Earthquake sure is intense!" Kristen 6:03

And I have now survived 2 school bomb threats, and the end of the world. Yeah, I'm pretty much invincible.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some people go to prom...

Some people go to prom, whereas cooler people hang out at Wal-Mart putting condoms in funny places and hide to watch people's reactions.

I had an amazing weekend. I actually went to Amber's for the first time in literally 3 months. I realized what I had been missing. Now I'm going to try to go over there every other weekend or every 3 weekends. Ugh, I love it there. Start from the beginning? Alright, You asked.

Friday- As soon as I got home, I planned on taking a shower because I knew I was going over Amber's. But that morning I hadn't had breakfast or lunch, so I was pretty hungry. While I was eating cookies and milk (Yeah, I'm cool like that) Amanda called me saying they'll be here in 10 minutes. So I rushed to pack my stuff and not even five minutes later they were there. Great. So I hurried up and got in the car. Gross, Aaron was there too. I wasn't in the mood for bull crap, so I didn't say anything Blah, Blah, Blah, Car, Library, Amber, Home. Then Jacob was also there. (The three year old they babysit) But lucky enough it was Amanda's day to watch him. When we got there, I learned that they were watching their cousin's dog (or supposed to be) and get slipped out of his collar and ran. He's been on the loose since Wednesday and nobody can catch him. Amber's mom even put a 100$ reward on him. Well, we were on a dog hunt all weekend. While we were walking around we ran into some people on the road who stopped to talk to us. One of those people just happened to be Brady. I hadn't seen him for about a year and a half. He hit his growth spurt and was now taller than me. Well he ended u walking around with us and looked for Tyson with us. He was actually spotted and we all ran after him. Brady chased him down in the woods but still could not catch him. We went and hung out in the park and stuff. Then later on we went on a hike. It was fun but also scary because where Amber lives is a lot of pedophiles, so being in the woods is not the best idea. But we did it anyways. We went far enough to find a creek that nobody knew was there. There was also a cute waterfall and a picnic table. It was beautiful. Then it was time to climb back up the hill to go back to the trailer park. I'm not the climbing type. Brady offered to carry me, which was very thoughtful, but I said no. I'm an independent woman who can be tough. Halfway up the hill we heard the ice cream truck then we hurried up the hill. I bought us three ice cream. Then we went to the park to tease little kids with our ice cream. It was a fun day.
The next day was alright. I'll just skip to the fun part. Brady, Amber, and me at wal-mart.
Never get us three with the condom isle. We were getting a bunch of condom boxes so we can put them in cool places and there was a mom, dad, and a young boy in the same isle looking at lube. I held up a box of pregnancy tests and I told Amber "Here Amber, try this one. It's 99% accurate!" In a really loud voice so they could hear me. We busted out laughing. Of course, Brady wouldn't hold any condom boxes, so as we were walking around and we saw a big group of people, we screamed at him "Oh, here Brady. Here's the Extra-small box of condoms you asked for!" We made sure to do that about 5 times.
Places where we put a box--
On top of men's boxers.
In front of a big TV screen.
Amber threw a box at a mom and daughter looking at shoes-we ran to the other side of the store.
Pleasure pack- In front of a Barbie Doll.
Extra Small- In a huge shoe sticking out.
Tropical Flavored- In front of the Banana's that were on sale- We stood and watched peoples reactions from afar- One lady almost took them.
On top of the hot dogs.
In front of the huge jars of pickles.
We wanted to put one in front of the mayonnaise- Couldn't find it.

We talked Amber's mom into going to go get some Bananas. While she was checking out Brady, Amber and Me were making up funny scenarios.
Brady would walk over to the Banana's while there was a crowd around. He would look at the Banana's and yell, "Aww Grandma! Here's where you left your condoms!"
Brady would walk over to the Banana's while there was a crowd around. He would look at them and yell " Oh, here's where I left these!"

And more stuff like that. We laughed about that all night. Then we went to walk around and we each had a Banana. After we each finished our banana, Brady would through each as far as he could and yell "Mario Cart this Shi*!!" It cracked me up.

Yeah, I only made this post to tell you about the condoms. But yes, I went to wal-mart on my prom night. I had a hell of a lot more fun there than I ever would at a dance.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Sims Story.

My name is Zohra Miller. I married my high school sweetheart, Soren Miller. We finally bought a house of our own. It was a same two story house with a small living room, a master bedroom, and a small guest bedroom. One small dread full bathroom to match the small house. We soon settled down and Soren got a job involving science. I wanted to stay home and paint, hoping that one day my painting skills would come in handy and we could get a lot of money for my paintings. That dream came true, and we soon pain off all of our debts. Since we didn't have any worries, Soren and I decided to have our very first child. We quickly turned the guest bedroom into a small nursery. Soon after our final decision, I was pregnant. While I was pregnant with our baby, I took a break from painting and just rested for a few. Time passed quickly and I had our little boy. He had my blond hair.

Of course, I was stupid and careless, and our little boy was soon taken away by social services. Soren and I were both very devastated. We never saw him again. Due to our devastation of our loss, we decided to try again and move forward instead of hold onto the past. Well, we tried again, and we had a baby girl. I named her Zenon. She ended up having long brownish red hair, just like Soren's. She also had a lot of my traits, like being a vegetarian, hyperactive, and she also shared my love for painting. She was the cutest little girl.

All while she was growing into a teen, I practiced guitar. I got really good, but I chose not to go big and get famous, because I wanted a family, not fame. Once Zenon grew into a little teen, Soren and I decided to have another baby. It was a big decision because we also had to put Zenon into thought and how having a baby would affect her. I ended up pregnant anyways, and soon later had Nikoli, our baby boy. He had my blond hair and reminded me a lot of our first child. I tried not to let that get me down. He grew into his own traits, like athletics.

Time passed and our children grew. Zenon got great grades and graduated from high school while Nikoli was entering high school. Soren and I decided that three kids was enough to have. We focused all our attention on them as they grew. Zenon explained to me that her life long dream was to have a big family with the love of her life. I told her that the only way that could happen was if she found her one true love. We all packed our bags and moved to our dream house which was beautiful house of the ocean. It was a boat house, in a way.

My name is Zenon Miller, and I have mission. Yes, my dream is to have a big family with the love of my life. All of my family knows. Well, maybe not Nikoli. He's an odd one, indeed. I'm young and I'd say I'm cute. I loved my long hair; everyone did. But, I got in cut into a cute like reddish bob that really brings out my face. During the day, I turn my flirt switch on and I roam the streets aimlessly hoping to find 'him'. My mom ended up throwing me a 'Get to know us' party, since we were new to the neighborhood, but she told me that she wouldn't have done it if I didn't need to meet some guys, pronto.

The party went fine, however, all the guys were duds. Later that night, I saw a man walking on the sidewalk. I quickly ran out to him, because nobody usually walks on the sidewalk near our house. Little did I know, he was crazily attractive. When I went to talk to him, we instantly clicked. His name is Justin Bailey. He had long brown hair that was triple as long as mine. He wears a top hat and a long black trench coat. He also had a little stubble as a beard. Something about his bad boy atmosphere was... Exhilarating. He excited me.

I invited him in and he met my family. They all seemed to get along. Then Justin and I stayed up all night talking and hanging out for hours. It didn't take long to grow feeling for him. It also didn't take long for us to start dating. He started coming over everyday and staying days at a time. I was falling for him. Big time. He asked me to marry him. Of course, I immediately said yes. Then I asked him if he would bear my child. Then, we took this question to the bed, which is where he had given me my answer. I was soon pregnant and when I announced my pregnancy to him , he was happy. We then had our first child. Sadly, I followed in my mom's footprint, and he got taken away by social services. My family was upset with me, but my mom understood my pain. Even Justin was angry at me. Him and his son got along great. I just know it was hard on him. I called him like 15 times everyday inviting him over. He never showed day after day. I could tell he was ignoring me. I started to become depressed and my mother knew it.
She gently told me what she thought which was a blunt way to say it's over. I still continued to call my fiance day after day. I started to give up on Justin. I soon met somebody whom I like a lot. His name is Jerry Daniels. He's a pale man with black dreadlocks. He's not the cutest, but that doesn't matter. We have fun together. We lay in bed all day laughing at the cooking channel and making fun of their fake french accents, and we play chess outside on rainy Wednesdays. We enjoy each other's company. He knew about my engagement, and accepted it.
We continued to only be romantic interests and I continued to call Justin everyday hoping he would come over so I could gently break the engagement. I wanted to be with Jerry, and more than romantic interests. He's the light that lights the living room of my life, my other half, and I want him to be the father of our future kids. If I could just speak with Justin... Or mail him.... I have much to tell him, so I'll say it now.

Dear Justin,

It's me, Zenon. It's been a while, huh? You've been ignoring me... Not coming over... Not calling me... I miss you. I loved you, I really did. But you suddenly went away. Somehow deep down, I know you've died. My conscious tells me so. If you killed yourself because of the loss of our son... I'm sorry. I feel like it's all my fault. Maybe you're still alive, or maybe you're dead.. but I still have many things to say to you. I don't want you out of my life, I really don't. I just don't want somebody who ignores me for all this time to be my fiance. I might be taking this the wrong way, and something might have happened with you and you had to leave right away, but still. I've met my one true love. I may have loved you for that some time, but I really love Jerry, and I say it to his face. We never used to L word with each other. He's okay with me being engaged to you. He knows the situation and how we haven't been seeing each other lately. Yes, I've been having an affair. We're basically not even a couple anymore, but still. Just in case, I wanted to end it with you in person and not something like this. I do want to end it though. Give somebody else a hold of my heart. I don't regret anything. I do love Jerry. Not you. I did, though. Maybe if we were still in communication for all that time, we would've worked out fine. Jerry mended my broken heart and drug me out from depression. Made me laugh and smile. Made me basically forget about you. But I couldn't let go unless I've said this stuff to you. I'm with Jerry. We've been together for a while. We took it slow. I'm over you. This is me letting go. So wherever you are, I hope you find happiness like I have. Oh yeah, this last part might be a bomb on this situation. Jerry and I have had a child. She has my mother's blond hair. She's adorable. Her name is Justine.

I'm right where I need to be. Forever His,
Zenon Miller.

All Rights Reserved. Copyrighting or any use of this story without my permission is strictly plagiarism. Written by Karen Salyers. Used my original ideas from my family of Sims from Sims 3 for the Wii.