Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Okay. It's Tuesday. Something bad is bound to happen. I must watch my back today. I don't want to have a bad day. Actually, yesterday was more lie a Tuesday for many reasons. Kevin didn't go to school. I was tired all day. I was struggling in math. I never struggle in math. Lunch was awkward. I got home and everybody was hating me. My parents were yelling at me. They were making me feel like crap. But hey, What else is new? I'm not a family person. Eh, yesterday just wasn't the best. At least, I looked cute. Today was alright, for the most part. My parents acted like nothing ever happened yesterday. I didn't really do much. I've been kinda tired all day. I get grounded when I take naps. Kevin wore these bright neon yellow Tripp Pants. They were crazy and everyone looked at him. I just know they were thinking 'Who's that cute girl with that smokin' hott guy? Mmmm those pants make his butt look amazing. This hair goes great with those pants. She's so lucky to be with a guy like him. I wish I were her. I'm so jealous.' Or something along those lines. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. Jarr-Chan seems to like me more, now that him and Kathleen broke up. Which is good. This way, he will be my best friend. When Kathleen was in the picture, he was always sad, and ignored me. Now he's happier. She might've been weighing him down. Well, things just weren't meant to be between them. Hopefully he finds a really nice girl soon. One that will actually like him, and him like her. I just want the little boy to be happy. If I had friends that were girls, I would so hook him up.
May I state some things I think of facebook?

Put something less stupid and pointless on your status. Nobody watches the videos you post on your status. You should not like your own status, It just makes things awkward. Nobody cares if you're single. I think it's crazy how many people like your status when it's completely stupid. You are not random by saying rawr, you're stupid. I don't care about video games. I don't care about Jersey Store. I don't care how you're feeling. Stop posting that you're depressed or not feeling well, for attention. Nobody wants to text you if you say text me. Yeah, those quiz results, about how sexy you are? They're defiantly not true. Stop posting status' every 10 minutes. Nobody reads them about you. I don't care how much homework you have or if you're doing it. You may name an album 'photography' but your photography really sucks. Nobody should freak out when you're single.

That is all.

One last thing. I found the coolest animal ever today. It is called a Capybara. It is a very large semiaquadic rodent found in regions of South Africa. People have them as pets. They're so cute! Take a look (:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair drama.

So I'm mainly writing this post to rant. See, I got my hair cut last night. It's actually really cute. My hair got cut and layered. I think it looks completely different but that may be just me. I have cute little bangs at the top now. My hair is shoulder length, for Pete's sake! And Kevin didn't once notice. I didn't tell him I was getting my hair cut. I wanted to see how quick he would notice. We were hanging out for 20 minutes this morning. It may be just me, but I think that is enough time to figure out that your girlfriend got her hair chopped off. Come on, it's staring at you right in the face. He kept asking me what I never told him yesterday because he heard me talking to my dad and he couldn't make out what was being said so he kept asking me what we were talking about and last night I told him that he would find out tomorrow. Well, it's tomorrow. He should already tell there is something different with my hair because I never leave it curly. Plus I never had bangs at the top of my forehead. I tried not to show any emotion towards it but I kept messing with my bangs to hope he would notice they were shorter , I. Hey Kevin, By the way, I got a hair cut. Yeah, it's completely different. Try paying more attention to my life, please? I've been your girlfriend for a while and you can't even notice the little things about me? Like how I got a bunch of inches cut off my hair. And it's curly. Well, I'm not that upset. My parents and your parents told me you wouldn't notice. I'm just gonna blame it on your blond-ness. Anyways, I'll post some pictures later. Right now I'm in first period. We're not doing anything. I hope he notices before the day's over though. Hey, We're supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow by Friday morning. I was planning on going over Kevin's on Saturday but those plans are probably ruined now. Freakin' snow. Well, at least we won't have school. I could really use a couple more days off. Even though we already have a four day week this week, and a two day week last week. Well, I think I'm done ranting for now. Bye!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who doesn't love to edit pictures?

Soooooo. I thought I would put this on here because I thought it was absolutely positevly adorable. I edited this picture of Kevin and I from Homecoming. It's cute!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut off. It should be cute. I'll put up pictures! :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How things really went down.

"Karen! I'm back and I have to tell you something important that didn't really happen but it's random so I thought I should tell you anyways" Kevin "Okay.... Welcome back, for one." Me "....." Kevin "Are you gonna tell me?" Me "I saw a dragon." Kevin "That didn't happen" Me "I know that why I just got done saying it didn't happen but I thought I should tell you" Kevin "Were you watching Dragon tails again?" Me "I used to watch that show!" Kevin "Me too haha" Me "It's a badass show" Kevin "Yeah" Me "I also used to watch Veggie Tails. Hell, I would still watch it if I had videos" Kevin "Ugh.. I hate that show" Me "What?! why do you hate it? It's amazing!" Kevin "It's talking vegetables...." Me "They're Singing talking vegetables" Kevin "Yeah, I like to watch realistic shows..... Like TeleTubbies!" Me "Yes, cause the most realistic thing ever next to talking veggies is a sun made out of a baby" Kevin That's my random conversation of the day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Eternal Heart.

Your kisses are my poison, Your love is the antidote, Your hugs are my weakness, Your laughter builds me up again. Your voice echoes in my head, Whenever you're not around, I can't seem to get you off my mind, No matter how hard I ever try. Today will be just another memory, Tomorrow will come by too fast, Please... Let time freeze, Let's stay like this forever. You had saved me from despair, You're the type that doesn't exist, You may be a dreamlike figure, But I'm just another dreamer. Marry me like you always planned, Fulfil those promises you made, I give you my eternal heart, I am Forever yours.

My life hasn't changed.

I have became accustomed of getting meowed at in the halls. I'm guessing that it's the cat ears, or else they wouldn't do that. I like it though. It shows that they are paying attention to me and using time out of their life to make me feel special. I like the attention they give me. I'm actually in my web design class right now. I don't have anything to do because I didn't do my homework. How has my week been? Well I'm happy you asked. School has been....well....school. Nothing has changed. Kevin and I are still amazing as always. We are the ideal perfect couple. And we're still all lovey dovey. My weekend was nothing out of the ordinary. My family doesn't change. They haven't been that mad at me lately. We played Domino's last night like an actual family. As for my Sim's family.... Well they keep starving to death. I can't help it. It's their own fault for not letting me buy a grill. I can always repopulate my family though. It's been a while since we played a game with each other. My wrist doesn't hurt that much from my surgery. Only when I first wake up. I got a cool looking scar. I'm starting to get sick. Gross. I was coughing all night. My throat hurts right now. I wrote a poem and I will put it on here right after I finish this post. On Saturday, Kevin came over to get the tripod. He stayed for a while. We told my parents his parents wanted to go to the store so they just left him here so I could see him. He actually didn't leave til about 9. HE got there around 5. It was great. My parents left to go play cards with my cousins and they never knew he was still there. We made really good brownies. We're good teammates. We also played Magic the Gathering. I have an idea for what I want to do when I'm older. I actually kind of want my own family restaurant. I though t of a cute name for it too. I like the name 'Dehner Dining'. I told Kevin about it and he likes it. If you didn't know, his last name is Dehner. . I also kinda thought about being a Geometry teacher. It would be a good idea for me because I'm beast at Geometry. I have a 110% in my class right now. I'm good at it. Well, I'm out of things to write about I can't wait till Kings Island opens up for the season. Since Kevin and me both have Gold passes, We're gonna go a bunch. It's gonna be fun! Well.... I gotta go copy and paste a oem. See you later!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011.

I hope you had a great holiday season. Sorry for the delay in blogging, I blame the Sims 3. It's an amazing game that I've had an addiction to since Xmas. It's one of the things I got. Kevin and I both got Kings Island gold passes so that's where we're gonna hang out a bunch hopefully this year. I also got cat ears! -see below- and some other stuff that I don't feel like listing. I went to get my stitches from my surgery out last Monday. Guess what? Dissovable stitches! -see below- All they had to do what cut off the tails of the stitches. I can bend my hand pretty good now. I'm supposed to be wearing a brace but I think I'm fine. I'm a trooper, I don't need it. I went to Kevin's on Tuesday. We exchanged gifts. I didn't anything but he got me a bunch. Same with all his family. I can't really remember what we did on Tuesday. I do remember New Year's Eve though. Of course, I spent it with Kevin. It was amazing. We kissed on exactly midnight cause we're cool like that. Then we went outside and banged cymbols. Then got in the Hot Tub. I enjoy Hot Tubs. My parents got Kevin's hopes up by saying that I might spend the night but crushed those hopes when they showed up at 2 :30. Then on New Year's day I went to my gramma's. Boring.
I'm actually looking forward to going to school tomorrow. I like school. It gets me out of the house. I get to see Kevin. I get lots of hugs. Plus I'll get to show off my cat ears! Meow =^.^= I have a feeling this post is gonna be short. I'm sorry, My blog is boring. I've realized that recently. All I've been talking about is Kevin. Sorry. Happy New Year? As long as Kevin's in it, my year will be fine.