Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Okay. It's Tuesday. Something bad is bound to happen. I must watch my back today. I don't want to have a bad day. Actually, yesterday was more lie a Tuesday for many reasons. Kevin didn't go to school. I was tired all day. I was struggling in math. I never struggle in math. Lunch was awkward. I got home and everybody was hating me. My parents were yelling at me. They were making me feel like crap. But hey, What else is new? I'm not a family person. Eh, yesterday just wasn't the best. At least, I looked cute. Today was alright, for the most part. My parents acted like nothing ever happened yesterday. I didn't really do much. I've been kinda tired all day. I get grounded when I take naps. Kevin wore these bright neon yellow Tripp Pants. They were crazy and everyone looked at him. I just know they were thinking 'Who's that cute girl with that smokin' hott guy? Mmmm those pants make his butt look amazing. This hair goes great with those pants. She's so lucky to be with a guy like him. I wish I were her. I'm so jealous.' Or something along those lines. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. Jarr-Chan seems to like me more, now that him and Kathleen broke up. Which is good. This way, he will be my best friend. When Kathleen was in the picture, he was always sad, and ignored me. Now he's happier. She might've been weighing him down. Well, things just weren't meant to be between them. Hopefully he finds a really nice girl soon. One that will actually like him, and him like her. I just want the little boy to be happy. If I had friends that were girls, I would so hook him up.
May I state some things I think of facebook?

Put something less stupid and pointless on your status. Nobody watches the videos you post on your status. You should not like your own status, It just makes things awkward. Nobody cares if you're single. I think it's crazy how many people like your status when it's completely stupid. You are not random by saying rawr, you're stupid. I don't care about video games. I don't care about Jersey Store. I don't care how you're feeling. Stop posting that you're depressed or not feeling well, for attention. Nobody wants to text you if you say text me. Yeah, those quiz results, about how sexy you are? They're defiantly not true. Stop posting status' every 10 minutes. Nobody reads them about you. I don't care how much homework you have or if you're doing it. You may name an album 'photography' but your photography really sucks. Nobody should freak out when you're single.

That is all.

One last thing. I found the coolest animal ever today. It is called a Capybara. It is a very large semiaquadic rodent found in regions of South Africa. People have them as pets. They're so cute! Take a look (:

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