Monday, June 27, 2011


First off, I would like to start off this post my saying sorry. I was all depressing earlier when I posted that post. I don't think my love life is down the drain and my relationship with Kevin is amazing as always. We have rough patches sometimes but we get through it stronger than we went in it. But anyways, Kevin and I are perfect. He doesn't look at other girls, only me. He thinks my new bangs are cute just as the last ones. We're perfect, so be jealous of our perfectness. I was surprised and happy that he remembered when I told him that true love never dies. I'm happy that I don't have to worry about him remarrying cause he won't . Also, I have a latest picture of me from the last day of school. I already put the words "Will you be my friend?: On it or I would put on it. By the way, I hear that blog is pretty good :P It makes me happy when I get a comment or a follower, but I haven't got either for a while. Here's some questions you could answer in your comment :3

What do you think my next post should be about?
What do you want to know about me?
Name a word you made up and what it means.
Is it considered Necrophilia if it's a Zombie?

Thursday, June 23, 2011



It's been a while since I last posted, which I feel bad about. I'm sorry. I'm not sure what I last posted about.

This time, I'm just gonna mope around on this post.

I'm kinda depressed right now. I'm turning 16 in 16 days. Like every other normal sweet 16 person, I want a party. Unfortunately, I can't have a party. Wanna know why? I'm lame! I have no friends. I have a couple, but eh. I can't have a party for 3 people. I have Kevin of course, and Amber. Maybe Alex but I have no way to contact him. Pancake, I also have no way to contact him. Kevin's family are more of my family than friends so yeah... I can't party with my grandma on my 16th birthday. That's stupid. My original plans were to go to the beach waterpark with Kevin. But I hate going to swimsuit places with him. IT makes me uncmfortable. How do I know he's not checking them out or staring at their tits? I look terrible in a bathing suit cause it's a one piece with no clevage. I hate my stomach so I never show it. We all know how guys are around bikini babes. So those plans got shut down cause I really don't feel like feeling insecure on my own birthday that's supposed to be all about me. I trust him, I really do. But he says he's "Looking at them in disgust". He says he only has eyes for me so he shouldn't be looking at them in the first place, but he still looks at them. Which that make me feel like crap also. I'm just having a terrible week.
1. I can't do crap for my birthday.
2. I almost lost Amber as a friend.
3. Kevin says he likes my old emo bangs better than my newest bangs that I think fits me a whole lot better.
4. Kevin says he always look at girls.
5. I keep thinking about me dying and about how he'll probably remarry if I die and I hate that idea.
6. I keep thinking about how gross I am.

I feel like my love life is down the drain. I feel like some hot girl is gonna come and steal Kevin away from me. I just feel like crap. He says stuff that really bugs me sometimes. I'm in a depressed mood. I wish I could scream, but I'm not gonna. I guess I just have to wait it out. Maybe Kevin will say cute stuff to me to make me cheer up. I just can't help but wanna cry when I think of him looking at other girls. I always tell him not too, but he does it anyways. And he wonders why I always feel insecure. Huh. I just want to be treated like a princess like any girl should. Oh well. Life's a bitch.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amber's house?

So I went to Amber's house over the weekend. It was great. I had a lot of fun(: we didn't do much though. We mainly just watched the game show channel all weekend but that was great. It was a pretty weekend and it was very very hot out. We went to Thea park a lot and we went walking around. All in all, I had a lot of fun. I have a game show fetish so I love watching game shows. We do it all the time at Amber's.
On Friday when I got there, pancake was over there. He looked so different. His hair was past his shoulders and he didn't seem all happy and joyous when i got there. He had to leave like a half hour after i got there and that sucked. But his birthday was Saturday so he opened his present from amber. She got him a black shirt with a big skull on it and she got him black skinny jeans and she made him put it on as soon as he opened it. He looked a lot better in it than in his normal clothes. On Saturday we really didn't do much. Mainly game shows. I've come to love the show baggage and it was quite interesting. The show love trianglenmade me angry but it was also interesting. On sunday pancake came over again and that was fun. He was there till about midnight. Earlier that day amber painted his nails black and I straightened his hair. Then amber told me that she wanted me to cut his hair since it was so long and guy don't look good with longer hairbrush their shoulders. Somehow I think she's turning him into her dream guy. I think they would make a great couple. He's already in love with her which i think is adorable as he'll! So we went outside and i cut his hair. I was sloop nervous because I've never cut anybody's hair but my own. But it turned out great! It was very even and a little above his shoulders. I cut about four or five inches off and it turned out great. She told me to leave the bangs alone so that he would be able to do hair flips for her. Lol she's crazy but that's why we love her. He wouldn't let us put guyliner on him though. We hung out in Amber's room for a while until he left.
Today is one of the exam days. I had one exam in first period and it was just fine. I'm pretty sure I passed. We had two hours for that exam and that was my freshmen class. Second period was fun. I didn't go to the library yesterday because i went to Kevin's house so I didn't get to pick up any books so I brought my iPad to school so that so could have something to do today.

I'm not so sure what else to write on this post because I wrote it 2 or 3 weeks ago.