Sunday, December 19, 2010

You say I'm cute when I'm high.

Hello world. We meet again, aye?
Stripes or Polka dots? I don't know, I'm feeling the stripes. I mean, Polka dots are nice and all, but I just love wearing stuff that'll make people dizzy.
I'm sorry, My life has been boring. Not really much to say. On Wednesday, I had my surgery. I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I will need 3 surgeries. Well, I had one. I got my Ganglion Cyst removed from my wrist. My deal was, was that I wasn't going to get it done unless Kevin was there with me. So Kevin and me didn't go to school on Wednesday. Instead, We went to pick him up at about 4:45 am. Early right? My parents ended up yelling at me the whole way to Kevin's. We picked up Kevin, and went to the hospital place. It wasn't really a hospital. It was a plastic surgery thing. We went in and sat down. It was early and cold. Me and Kevin went and played with the Kiddie toys. I love little kid toys. Screw reading a magazine while I wait, I wanna play! After that we sat down and listened to his Ipod. Then they called me back. Kevin couldn't go with me, but my mom did. I had to pee in a cup. Then they took my blood pressure and temperature. Apparently my temperature was a little high. Then I changed. Hospital socks are comfy. Then came the IVs.... I was perfect through the first one. Then they did another. Each time they couldn't get it good enough and the veins were never big enough. After that I was crying cause I thought they were gonna mess up big time and kill me. I was nervous as hell cause other nurses kept coming in to see what was happening. Each IV was a different nurse. Kevin came in then cause I needed him with me. I got another IV. They said 3 then they're just gonna knock me out and do it that way. Third time was a fail. Then they wheeled me on the gurney to the surgery room. It was bright. And there were a lot of people with masks. It was scary. I went through a haunted house at Kings Island that looked just like it and that was the only thing going through my head at the time. Then they put things on me, and then gave me a mask. They told me it was just oxygen. I kept trying to push it off of me but that kept putting it back. I thought I was dying. Then I started flailing my arms, and all I can remember is that my arms were waving slower and slower and the people's voices sounded so far away and their faces got blurry. Next thing I know, I'm awake, and my arm was wrapped it gauze and wrapping stuff. My arm was orange. The let my parents and Kevin in the room. I was high as hell. I got dressed and then we went to McDonald's. Sadly, My parents didn't let Kevin come over afterwards. Around 11 I took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I had a 2 day school week last week because of all the snowdays and surgery. Easy week. I have to take showers with my arm is plastic bags. I don't have to do the dishes. This is great. I usually do the dishes every night and now I get to watch somebody else wash them. I can complain about my wrist even if it doesn't hurt. It actually doesn't hurt that much. Surgery is easy. I also found out that I have another IV while I was knocked out. Right in the wrist vein. Ow! I get my stitches out the 27th.
That's pretty much the only thing that has happened lately. Well, in my last post I said I was going to try out for the Musical. I gave up on the idea. I didn't practice enough, my singing sucks, I'm not good at acting, there would be too many practices, not enough time with Kevin, and I have a fear of singing in front of people. I know, I'm a difficult person.
I'm starting to give up on the idea of being a waitress. I do want to be a waitress when I turn 16 though. But I realized that if I want 13 kids, I'm gonna be needed a good job. Why must I have such high standards? Anyways, I'll blog eventually. Follow me? Please do.
Here's me, after I got out of the shower. Hair not straightened and still slightly wet. With my wrist bandaged.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm a slacker.

So I realize that I haven't been blogging as much as I should be. I apologize. So I've been wanting to create another blog for a while now. One that's not all about what I do everyday. I finally did. It's an opinion blog where I can blog about my certain opinions on things and stuff. If you actually are interested in looking at it, it's There isn't much yet on it. So here's what I've been up to.
Last Saturday was amazing. It was like a perfect day. I went over to Kevin's at about 10:30 in the morning. We spent a while at his house. I can't necessarily remember all what happened. Well at about 6ish my mom called saying that she wants me home because the rodes are getting bad. They told us that Kevin can come too. So We went over to my house. At first he was really nervous cause he doesn't come over that much. Then we played wii. I so won. Then we had Ramen. Afterwards, we went outside and had a snowball fight. I so won that too. Then we sat next to the campfire, cuddling. It was so cute. I probably shouldn't mention this, but he broke down crying cause of how happy he was. Then of course I started crying too, then we had a crying fest cause we were so happy. Ah, he makes me so happy. So we stayed out there probably about 45 minutes. Fire is romantic. Then we walked inside and ate ice cream. Then he left around 10:30. 12 hours of amazing-ness.
School has been alright. eh.
On Wednesday it was the birthday of the greatest man alive. Kevin turned 17. Okay, so I've been waiting for his birthday forever. I've had this planned out since April. So I had been working on his present for 3 weeks. First off, his card was a poster. It took the longest time out of everything. I can't really explain it. All I know is that it was great Then his present was all of his favorite things. I really don't feel like typing it out but it was great. I'm pretty sure he had a great birthday. We went and seen lights later that day. Then came home and got ice cream cake. Happy Birthday, Darling <3>
Today was weird. My sister got into a car accident. We all jumped into the car and went to her. There were a bunch of emergency vehicles. It was a bad wreck I guess. She went through the grass for a while, hit and broke a pole, hit a mailbox, hit a tree, then went into the ditch. The whole car was totaled. She said she was only going 40 though. But the roads were all wet. The trunk was in the back seat. The back door on the driver's side was terrible. The whole drivers side was crunched. The back left tire was twisted and turned. The weird thing is, is that she came out with only a gash on her forehead. She alright. No stitches or anything. We went up to the hospital and then we all went to McDonald's. She doesn't care about herself, she only cares about her car. It's a weird day.
I have auditions for the school Spring musical Beauty and the Beast tomorrow after school. I've somewhat been practicing. I'm ready. I hope I get a good part.
That's pretty much all I have to say. Hey, it's better than nothing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Web Design Project.

I would make a longer blog but I'm in school. So here is an interesting picture of me standing in front of a polar bear, and her cubs, holding a fish. I had to make it in web design. Looks real, right?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crazy Weekends.

This post is probably 3 days late. Better late than never.
"Take off your bras and burn 'em. Or you me burn 'em. Take off your bras and burn 'em. Or you can let Bo Burnham burn 'em"

So I've grown a small obsession with this funny rapper. Go to Youtube right now and type in Bo Burnham. He makes really funny raps. They are so catchy, you'll have them stuck in your head the entire day. I'm actually in a class right now and I'm supposed to be doing work. Oh Well! You all are more important.
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. I hope you stuffed your faces. Sorry that I'm telling you this late. On Wednesday, I went to the mall with Kevin. I had a lot of fun. I love going to the mall with him. It's always a lot of fun. A few of our other friends were there too. Well on Thursday it was Thanksgiving. I had to go to my Gramma's house. But afterwards I went to Amber's house. On Thursday we didn't really do much because they're weird and they go to bed at about 8:30. It's crazy. Well I went to sleep because I was tired. I woke up around 9. Not by choice, of course. They're house is just so chaotic that it will wake you up. It snowed. Gross. Well by the morning their psychotic Chihuahua, Paco, finally recognized who I was and wasn't trying to bite my face off. He's crazy. Nya nya is nice though. She their other Chihuahua. She loves me. Well, most of the time. So I woke up with 2 Chihuahuas in my face. Great way to wake up, right? Well I had breakfast. Later that day me and Amanda rummaged through their shed so that we can find a Christmas tree for their mom to give to their cousins so that they will have a Christmas. After that we went to the Mall. The mall is always fun. amber, Amanda, and me hung around the mall for 4 and a half hours. You can do so much in that time. I don't like staying in one spot for too long though. We went over to Wendy's next door to eat, Then we went to Toys R Us. Wow. We are crazy. We went around with super bouncy balls that can bounce like 50 feet in the air, and we bounced them over isles hoping to hit somebody. Then we took an empty cart, filled it up, then left it somewhere. Before we left there we took a whole bunch of stuffed animals and put them random places. We also put them in random people's carts whenever they turned their backs for a second. Oh how I wish I had a box of condoms on me. Us three went to Walmart once, a while back, and we went around throwing boxes of Condoms in random people's carts. It was really fun. I love my crazy best friends. After that, we went back to the mall for an hour or so more. Then we went home when their parents picked us up. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, Amber and Amanda was having a war with their mom and step dad. I thought it was pretty stupid but still. The war was is that, They completely ignore us. We had to make our own food and clean our own stuff. Though somehow while I was taking a shower on Saturday, when I got out, the war was over. I'm not too sure what I missed but at least it was over. We took a walk on Saturday and right across the street from Amber's Mobile home, (They live in a mobile home park) A families mobile home burnt down on Wednesday and we went a looked at it. It looked so cool. Then the owner's drove up and yelled at us and accused us of stealing. What the hell are we going to steal? Oh, I think I'm going to take this burnt piece of wood and put it on my wall. Yeah, that's it. Well then we ran. And then they showed me the abandoned hippy bus. It's a bus where people Graffiti on it. We went home and didn't do much. That night I tried to go to sleep and 8:30. It worked... Until I woke up at 10:30. I sat doing nothing for a half hour, then I was up til 2 drawing a picture for Kevin. It turned out really good. I finally fell asleep. I woke up to breakfast. That day, we didn't really do much seeing as my parents got me at noon.

The rest of my week was pretty boring. I had Practice OGT's all week. They were alright. Kevin wasn't at school on Tuesday cause he was sick. Poor Baby ): Sorry that this was such a short post. I thought I had so much more to say. I'll blog soon! Thats for reading!