Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011.

I hope you had a great holiday season. Sorry for the delay in blogging, I blame the Sims 3. It's an amazing game that I've had an addiction to since Xmas. It's one of the things I got. Kevin and I both got Kings Island gold passes so that's where we're gonna hang out a bunch hopefully this year. I also got cat ears! -see below- and some other stuff that I don't feel like listing. I went to get my stitches from my surgery out last Monday. Guess what? Dissovable stitches! -see below- All they had to do what cut off the tails of the stitches. I can bend my hand pretty good now. I'm supposed to be wearing a brace but I think I'm fine. I'm a trooper, I don't need it. I went to Kevin's on Tuesday. We exchanged gifts. I didn't anything but he got me a bunch. Same with all his family. I can't really remember what we did on Tuesday. I do remember New Year's Eve though. Of course, I spent it with Kevin. It was amazing. We kissed on exactly midnight cause we're cool like that. Then we went outside and banged cymbols. Then got in the Hot Tub. I enjoy Hot Tubs. My parents got Kevin's hopes up by saying that I might spend the night but crushed those hopes when they showed up at 2 :30. Then on New Year's day I went to my gramma's. Boring.
I'm actually looking forward to going to school tomorrow. I like school. It gets me out of the house. I get to see Kevin. I get lots of hugs. Plus I'll get to show off my cat ears! Meow =^.^= I have a feeling this post is gonna be short. I'm sorry, My blog is boring. I've realized that recently. All I've been talking about is Kevin. Sorry. Happy New Year? As long as Kevin's in it, my year will be fine.

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