Monday, January 10, 2011

My life hasn't changed.

I have became accustomed of getting meowed at in the halls. I'm guessing that it's the cat ears, or else they wouldn't do that. I like it though. It shows that they are paying attention to me and using time out of their life to make me feel special. I like the attention they give me. I'm actually in my web design class right now. I don't have anything to do because I didn't do my homework. How has my week been? Well I'm happy you asked. School has Nothing has changed. Kevin and I are still amazing as always. We are the ideal perfect couple. And we're still all lovey dovey. My weekend was nothing out of the ordinary. My family doesn't change. They haven't been that mad at me lately. We played Domino's last night like an actual family. As for my Sim's family.... Well they keep starving to death. I can't help it. It's their own fault for not letting me buy a grill. I can always repopulate my family though. It's been a while since we played a game with each other. My wrist doesn't hurt that much from my surgery. Only when I first wake up. I got a cool looking scar. I'm starting to get sick. Gross. I was coughing all night. My throat hurts right now. I wrote a poem and I will put it on here right after I finish this post. On Saturday, Kevin came over to get the tripod. He stayed for a while. We told my parents his parents wanted to go to the store so they just left him here so I could see him. He actually didn't leave til about 9. HE got there around 5. It was great. My parents left to go play cards with my cousins and they never knew he was still there. We made really good brownies. We're good teammates. We also played Magic the Gathering. I have an idea for what I want to do when I'm older. I actually kind of want my own family restaurant. I though t of a cute name for it too. I like the name 'Dehner Dining'. I told Kevin about it and he likes it. If you didn't know, his last name is Dehner. . I also kinda thought about being a Geometry teacher. It would be a good idea for me because I'm beast at Geometry. I have a 110% in my class right now. I'm good at it. Well, I'm out of things to write about I can't wait till Kings Island opens up for the season. Since Kevin and me both have Gold passes, We're gonna go a bunch. It's gonna be fun! Well.... I gotta go copy and paste a oem. See you later!

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