Sunday, January 16, 2011

How things really went down.

"Karen! I'm back and I have to tell you something important that didn't really happen but it's random so I thought I should tell you anyways" Kevin "Okay.... Welcome back, for one." Me "....." Kevin "Are you gonna tell me?" Me "I saw a dragon." Kevin "That didn't happen" Me "I know that why I just got done saying it didn't happen but I thought I should tell you" Kevin "Were you watching Dragon tails again?" Me "I used to watch that show!" Kevin "Me too haha" Me "It's a badass show" Kevin "Yeah" Me "I also used to watch Veggie Tails. Hell, I would still watch it if I had videos" Kevin "Ugh.. I hate that show" Me "What?! why do you hate it? It's amazing!" Kevin "It's talking vegetables...." Me "They're Singing talking vegetables" Kevin "Yeah, I like to watch realistic shows..... Like TeleTubbies!" Me "Yes, cause the most realistic thing ever next to talking veggies is a sun made out of a baby" Kevin That's my random conversation of the day.

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