Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello old friend. It's been too long.

Hi Hi! (:

I know, It's been a while. Almost a month since I last blogged.

IT FEELS LIKE SPRING! Here in Ohio, the weather has stopped being so damn cold, and it is now in the 60's! WOO! I just shaved my legs so that I can start wearing shorts again! I took a couple pictures of my new hair a couple weeks ago so that all you can see it :D My life? I'm doing great! Thanks for asking! How are you? I really want to know how all my readers are doing. Please tell me how you're doing! Comment telling me what's all been going on in your life. You're amazing. YEAH! HELL YEAH! I had some chocolate.... Only chocolate gets me hyper.... AHHHHHHHHHH! Remember the post with all the Cyanide&Happiness comics? I FOUND MORE FUNNY ONES! And I saved them so that you all can have a good laugh! (: It'll make your day. I put them on soon! REAL SOON! My life has actually been good. Tuesday's are Tuesdays still. Damn Tuesdays.... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! What'd ya get?(: I got a giant stuffed adorable cat, a cat lollipop and garden roses from Kevin. How are me and Kevin doing, you ask? We're doing very good. Amazing as always! We're about to hit our 11 months, next week! Almost to a yearrrr! WOO! I was sick last week! Well, Here's how it goes. I had Amber over a couple weekends ago. She was sick... A week later I get sick. Gross. Then I gave it to Kevin. I got better, but he got worse. Then he gave it back to me for two days. It's gone from me now, but poor Kevin still feels like he's dying. I'm just hoping I don't get it again! And that he gets better reall soon! Like in the next 5 minutes cause I'm going over there today and I don't want him coughing the whole time. In school, I'm doing fairly good. Some of my grades do need to go up though, but I'll fix that. Maybe.... But anyways! I'm attempting to write a story. I decided that last week. I even drew the girl in the story. Her name is Evangeline Karianna Dellers. She's pretty. People call her Angel for short, but her whole life is filled with misery. I'M DRINKING CARAMEL! mmmmm.....Caramel....... I WANT A PET FISH! Just a little fish, is one of those glass fishbowls. Today's the day that I start my 4 day weekend. My family and I have been good lately. I've decided to become a better daughter. So we haven't been fighting that much. I want to be close with my parents like Kevin is with his mom, or like all those girls that say their mom is their best friend. I have so much stuff to do, so I'll it at that, and here's what my hair looks like now! Thanks for reading!!!!!!

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