Monday, May 30, 2011

My weakness.

Everybody has a weakness that they like to keep hidden, Mine just happens to be Envy and it's been showing a lot.
Okay, cut me some slack.
I'm a sixteen year old high school girl with her seventeen year old boyfriend who just happens to be loving and funny (not to mention sexy) and is nice to everyone he meets and can make anybody his friend. Who wouldn't love a guy as perfect as him?
Honestly, I don't mean to always be so jealous, it's just natural for me. I guess it shows how much I care for him? well when he gets jealous it lets me know that he cares.
My jealousy isn't just with Kevin, though.
I get jealous of other people's parents and how close they are. How chill they are and let their kid spend night with her boyfriend for 4 days. I get jealous girls who are prettier than me, (which isn't a lot. Have you seen the girls here? W-H-O-R-E-S. And trust me, Honey, being a whore is not cute.) I mean, yeah, I have pretty hair, and a pretty smile. I have a pretty eye color and great boobs. I just need to work on my figure, and some other stuff.
So, I don't only get jealous with Kevin, it's just a big part of it. It's not that bad, I just need to learn how to control it.
With Kevin:
I've learned to control some of it. I'm in the process of not saying "Is she pretty?" to him. He always gives me the same answer anyways. "No, Karen, I'm not paying attention to her." "I only have eyes for you." "You're the only person in the world who's pretty." And stuff along those lines. Honesty is policy with us. We have a trust thing going on. We can actually trust each other. He just doesn't trusts guys around me, and I don't trust girls around him, but we deal with it. It's kind of more hard on him though because I hate girls. Can't stand them. Amber basically the only female friend that I have. I hate girls, girls hate me. It works that way. All of my Friends are mainly guys. Guys are nice to me. Girls are just mean. Am I the only one who thinks girls are a hell of a lot worse than guys are? Well I like guys. They make better friends. But I can never picture myself with any other guy than Kevin. He's the only guy for me. He's seriously the only guy I ever want. I think some guys are cute sometimes, but I really only have eyes for Kevin. I may think some are cute every now and then, but I could never be with anyone other than Kevin. He's my one and only.
With other girls:
Okay, I've eased up a lot.
I don't care if Kevin has female friends. I don't care if he talks to them or laughs with them and has fun conversations with them. I mean, why should I be that much of a hypocrite? I'm always around guys and they crack me up. Kevin has every right to have female friends. I'm not saying that it won't bug me though. I need to get used to it. I know it bugs him when I'm around guys just as much as it bugs me when he's around girls. But it's alright though cause we trust each other. I don't care about any of that, but I am a hypocrite about something. And I'll admit it too. I'm a Hypocrite. I don't want him hugging girls. I know, I sound controlling, but I'm really not. We have an equal and loving relationship that a lot of people can't handle. Nobody wears the pants with us. We each own one pant legs. I have stuff that I don't like, and he has stuff that he doesn't like. One of them just happens to be hugging girls. I'd rather not have some other girl put their tits all other his chest. Too close for my likings. Karen don't do hugs. I love hugs though. I'm a hypocrite and I don't care. I'm a great girlfriend to him. And he's the best boyfriend there will ever be.
Karen and Kevin.
3-31-10 ~ The end of time.

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