Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some people go to prom...

Some people go to prom, whereas cooler people hang out at Wal-Mart putting condoms in funny places and hide to watch people's reactions.

I had an amazing weekend. I actually went to Amber's for the first time in literally 3 months. I realized what I had been missing. Now I'm going to try to go over there every other weekend or every 3 weekends. Ugh, I love it there. Start from the beginning? Alright, You asked.

Friday- As soon as I got home, I planned on taking a shower because I knew I was going over Amber's. But that morning I hadn't had breakfast or lunch, so I was pretty hungry. While I was eating cookies and milk (Yeah, I'm cool like that) Amanda called me saying they'll be here in 10 minutes. So I rushed to pack my stuff and not even five minutes later they were there. Great. So I hurried up and got in the car. Gross, Aaron was there too. I wasn't in the mood for bull crap, so I didn't say anything Blah, Blah, Blah, Car, Library, Amber, Home. Then Jacob was also there. (The three year old they babysit) But lucky enough it was Amanda's day to watch him. When we got there, I learned that they were watching their cousin's dog (or supposed to be) and get slipped out of his collar and ran. He's been on the loose since Wednesday and nobody can catch him. Amber's mom even put a 100$ reward on him. Well, we were on a dog hunt all weekend. While we were walking around we ran into some people on the road who stopped to talk to us. One of those people just happened to be Brady. I hadn't seen him for about a year and a half. He hit his growth spurt and was now taller than me. Well he ended u walking around with us and looked for Tyson with us. He was actually spotted and we all ran after him. Brady chased him down in the woods but still could not catch him. We went and hung out in the park and stuff. Then later on we went on a hike. It was fun but also scary because where Amber lives is a lot of pedophiles, so being in the woods is not the best idea. But we did it anyways. We went far enough to find a creek that nobody knew was there. There was also a cute waterfall and a picnic table. It was beautiful. Then it was time to climb back up the hill to go back to the trailer park. I'm not the climbing type. Brady offered to carry me, which was very thoughtful, but I said no. I'm an independent woman who can be tough. Halfway up the hill we heard the ice cream truck then we hurried up the hill. I bought us three ice cream. Then we went to the park to tease little kids with our ice cream. It was a fun day.
The next day was alright. I'll just skip to the fun part. Brady, Amber, and me at wal-mart.
Never get us three with the condom isle. We were getting a bunch of condom boxes so we can put them in cool places and there was a mom, dad, and a young boy in the same isle looking at lube. I held up a box of pregnancy tests and I told Amber "Here Amber, try this one. It's 99% accurate!" In a really loud voice so they could hear me. We busted out laughing. Of course, Brady wouldn't hold any condom boxes, so as we were walking around and we saw a big group of people, we screamed at him "Oh, here Brady. Here's the Extra-small box of condoms you asked for!" We made sure to do that about 5 times.
Places where we put a box--
On top of men's boxers.
In front of a big TV screen.
Amber threw a box at a mom and daughter looking at shoes-we ran to the other side of the store.
Pleasure pack- In front of a Barbie Doll.
Extra Small- In a huge shoe sticking out.
Tropical Flavored- In front of the Banana's that were on sale- We stood and watched peoples reactions from afar- One lady almost took them.
On top of the hot dogs.
In front of the huge jars of pickles.
We wanted to put one in front of the mayonnaise- Couldn't find it.

We talked Amber's mom into going to go get some Bananas. While she was checking out Brady, Amber and Me were making up funny scenarios.
Brady would walk over to the Banana's while there was a crowd around. He would look at the Banana's and yell, "Aww Grandma! Here's where you left your condoms!"
Brady would walk over to the Banana's while there was a crowd around. He would look at them and yell " Oh, here's where I left these!"

And more stuff like that. We laughed about that all night. Then we went to walk around and we each had a Banana. After we each finished our banana, Brady would through each as far as he could and yell "Mario Cart this Shi*!!" It cracked me up.

Yeah, I only made this post to tell you about the condoms. But yes, I went to wal-mart on my prom night. I had a hell of a lot more fun there than I ever would at a dance.

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