Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doomsday? Pshh. No sweat.

Hello blogging world.
For all of those who are reading this, it looks like the Doomsday was a Doomsfail.
I have decided to write a rough draft of this post on my Ipad. I am obsessed with it. MY mom got it free from her work. It's the shizz. Anyways, I'm sorry that I have not blogged in a while. Since I got Runescape membership a couple weeks ago, that has been all I could do, basically. This this is very fun to type on. I didn't go to school on Friday cause I'm sick, then I felt guilty all weekend because of my schedule. Since I wasn't there on Friday, I wasn't there to turn it in either. I'll turn it in tomorrow. I didn't go cause I felt like crap. My throat is teaming up with my head to murder me. The book I'm reading write now is really good though. It is confusing but oh well. I don't have much to say. This is like an update. Kevin and I are doing perfect as always. The world was supposed to end yesterday, for all of those who don't live in a cave. Or in the woods like Osama. He wasn't even in the woods. He was living out in the open, in a mansion, for 10 years. We couldn't even find him. Osama Bin Laden is the Hide and Seek champion. *Back on subject* That's pretty crazy. I didn't believe it though. Well, I didn't, until near 6 Kevin kept was talking to me and I asked him if he believed it and he said "Not at all......well..... there is that slim chance......" And that's when I started freaking out. I decided to joke around about it though cause I felt uneasy. I kept saying stuff like, "If the world doesn't end, I think I'll make some brownies later" and "This is the time when I have to make the life-changing decision.....Should I eat my Subway sub..... Or die hungry...." I like to joke about stuff when I feel uneasy. But yeah. Nobody can predict when the world is going to end. Plus, if the guy was wrong back in 1994 then he is most likely wrong now, also. Another this is that he predicted it's going to end by a huge earthquake. First of all, how likely is it that a big apocalyptic earthquake is just going to end all of human civilization? Not likely at all. Second of all, no human can predict an earthquake. An earthquake is a natural disaster, not a predicted disaster. Did we predict hurricane Katrina? Nope. Did we predict the earthquake in Haiti? Nope. What about all those tornadoes that ripped through the south of U.S? Nope. And that thing that happened in Japan. None of these cases were predicted. They're called natural for a reason. Do you predict that you're going to start having dandruff tomorrow? Do you predict that you're going to get a paper cut in the next 12.7 seconds?
What I really hate is that everybody keeps saying that it's going to end yesterday by a Zombie Apocalypse. WRONG! The dude did not even mention Zombies. There was two major news stories going on at the same time. The dude with the doomsday earthquake, and the radiation in Japan could cause the rise of the dead in the near future. THE TWO STORIES DO NOT INTERTWINE! DON'T GET THEM MIXED UP! I swear, if I hear one more person say "I'm sad that the world didn't end on Saturday cause I was looking forward to getting ate by a Zombie," I'm going to punch a 3 legged infant.
This post lasted longer than I thought it would.
Okay, right after the clock hit 6:00 pm, a lot of my friends posted really funny status' on Facebook. Here are some!

"The world is ending in 5 minutes... You better start on your bucket list :p" -Alex 5:56
"WE DIDN'T DIE!!!" -Samantha 6:01
"Look, I'm still I'm not dead." -Callie 6:02
"Well, I'm still alive. I'll just go on with my daily life now. Thank" - Alex 6:02
"Man, This Earthquake sure is intense!" Kristen 6:03

And I have now survived 2 school bomb threats, and the end of the world. Yeah, I'm pretty much invincible.

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