Thursday, September 9, 2010


Let's see here... Sorry I haven't blogged since ever. I like to have long posts and it takes a while to gather information for my blogs. First off, Kevin joined band. He's so damn cute on the symbols. I like seeing him bang things, I guess :P He's adorable in his Marching Band uniform. Last Saturday We went to Ohio State University for Band day. The bus ride there was amazing. Nuff said. OU is amazing. They make my jaw drop. In other news, I finally started my period. It's only been 3 months. That can't be healthy. Maybe it'll go back on track from here. I've been having insane cramps. Right now I am currently putting nail polish on a piece of paper. I feel high. I have to do that because I have my Homecoming dress and Kevin and I are going to match. I'm on round two of Chibi Vampire. Best Manga ever. I'm on book 6 right now. I'm also having Kevin read it 'cause it's just that great. He likes it so far. Last year CNE lost every football game but 2. So far this year, we've had 2 games and we've won both. We're undefeated. Tomorrow we are playing Batavia at Batavia. Ugh. Other people's fields. I hate playing on them. Unless it's Turf. I love turf. Remember my pictures from my photo shoot? Well I wore that outfit 3 days ago. I also did my makeup in a spider web. It looked amazing and just like the picture below. All except the dots in the web. That looked weird. I think you can tell which one the Spider Web is.

Hell, I'd say mine looked even better than the picture. I got in trouble for it at lunch and had to get it off. But I got so many compliments on it while it was on. It was great. Damn you, Mr. Early. But I will be doing the Web again later. Maybe some of the other designs.

There is either a Coyote or a Wolf that lives behind our house. We've seen it. It's too big to be a Fox, but the Official people said it sounds more like a wolf than a coyote. It has ate 8 of the neighbors chickens, 4 of their Ducks, and 4 of their cats. The agency people said that they can't do anything about it. They said if it is a fox we can shoot it ourselves. But until it's dead Kitty Kitty has to stay inside. She is annoying. She meows every 4 seconds wanting out. But she does have a cute meow so I don't mind it.

We got me a brace for my wrist the other day. I like it, but it's starting to smell. It does help my wrist alot though.

I should be ungrounded it 2 weeks. Me and Kevin's 6 months is on the 30th. I've been asking around to see what I'm supposed to do for the six months. I'm stressing out.

I'm not failing any classes yet. Give me a round of applause.

I have a huge bite mark on my Neck. I swear, he's a vampire.

I was sleeping today in the car after I got off of band practice, and when I woke up I had thought off a cute, but perverted saying. You're like a shower, You get me wet when I turn you on. Cute right? Well I came up with it.

Ohhhh, Penis's.

Ha, Now I wanna watch DesandNate. To Youtube! Welp, I need a shower.

Pictures of the week:

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