Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Hate Parties.

I realized something today. I hate parties. That could just be that I've never been to a just because party. I've only been to lame birthday parties. Nobody likes me enough to invite me to parties. I also don't like to keep my friends too close. I have 2 really great close friends. Amber and Kevin. Kevin I tell anything and everything to. Amber knows me better then my other friends, besides Kevin, And I can tell her alot. But I mean, I look through people's pictures on Facebook of somebody's party and I see all the people who were there. I think it's funny how I'm closer to that person then half the people there and yet I hadn't even heard of the party. Thus, is why I hate parties. Wow. What would you do if you randomly got a text from somebody that said "I don't want anyone else, When I think of you I touch myself"? I just got that message from Kevin. Of course, I've been grounded for the past two months and I can't text him back but I immediately called him to ask 'What the hell?' Then he peed off the roof of Tyler's house. Lovely. Ah, The cold months are arriving. I'm kinda happy about it too. I'd rather be cold then hot. If you're hot, it's miserable. If it's cold you can simply cuddle with somebody for warmth, and luckily, I'll be ungrounded in a few weeks. Lots of cuddling for Karen. I'll also enjoy around Halloween. I enjoy going out for candy even though I'm 15. This year having Kevin go with me. It's ironic how our 7 months is on Halloween. Yay! I love him so much! Today Robin got back from Tennessee and brought me back Taffy. It's good. This Time I decided to choose Tattoo Pictures.

I'm also liking the art of Scarification. (May be disturbing to some)

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