Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How the hell did I get this bruise?

Oh, that's right, I have a vampire as a boyfriend.

One of my friends asked me yesterday, "Why does love have to be so damn difficult?" We had a girl crisis to solve.

Life is a bitch. We all know it. And Love just happens to be best friends with life, making love another bitch. Love is hard but it's one of the things we live off of. It love isn't difficult, then what's the point in it? As humans, we go after things that are difficult and we go after challenges. If love isn't difficult, then it isn't interesting. Life and love both being bitches just seems to make living a lot more interesting. I mean, if nothing is interesting, then nothing is fun. So all we can do is give it our all and have fun. If you're like me, and have the power to train yourself to like a person, or train yourself to not like the person you like then it's pretty great. Unless you meet that one person like Kevin who just comes by and take your heart and there is no point in trying to not like him when you're just so in love with him that it's as if you're blind to everything but that boy. Isn't love great? Our 6 month is in 2 days. Six months. Why does that seem like such a long time? I know it's not but it just makes me happy when people ask how long we've been together and I say 6 months and they're like Wow! I would have never thought you two would have lasted this long. Then I'm supposed to be all like haha yeah, Fuck you and your terrible love life, and least I got somebody to love and somebody who treats me like a princess. Of course that's only what my mean thoughts are saying. I happy thoughts are well, usually always of Kevin. Cause he's what makes me the most happiest girl ever.
Is it just me or does this blog make absolutely no sense at all? New subject. Hey, here's a random thought. Have you ever said the word happiness slowly? try it right now. It's like Ha-penis. Great right?
So apparently I'm 25. Whitley got me knocked up when I was 14. Of course Whitley is pretty white, and I'm white as hell, and when I was 15 I had our Greek baby named Alex. He is 10. They grow up so fast.
Okay, Kevin told me to do De-motivational pictures on my next blog. So here you go.
Sadly I couldn't find very many. They aren't even funny to me.

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