Thursday, August 19, 2010


We all have people in our family that we just can not stand. Like out of my immediate family, My second cousic Elana. I hate that name so much. I also have a thing against red heads because the ones I know are all stuck up, full of it, and snobby. Well Elana is a spoiled little brat. Her mom buys her everything she wants because she's an only child. She goes to concerts every week for Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers. Not that I envy that because I hate Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers with a passion. Elana is only 7 and I hate her so much. Then there is family that you're best friends with. Such as one of my second cousins, Mykayla. She is 14. She is one of my black cousins. She's really nice. We're about the same age so we talk about guys alot. We talk about cute boys and our boyfriends. Like, she is one of my only friends that actually asks alot about me and Kevin and how's it going with us and stuff like that. She actually like having me talk about him. Though I do the same with her. lol. Her brother is a total bitch though.Then there is cousins that love us. (not in a creepy incest way though) Like two of my second cousins, Stone and Levi. They're 10 year old twins. Levi hates me but Stone loves me. Stone loves my massages though. He always has me give him one. So I always carry lotion with me just for that reason. lol. Story short, We have to learn to live with them. No matter how much you wish they would get hit by a train. You have to learn to just zone out when they're talking to you and just learn to ignore them. We can't choose our family. I've never ever told my parents I love them. Cause I'm not gonna tell somebody I love them when I really don't. I'll probably regret it when I'm older but I don't really care. I'll learn from their mistakes and I'll become a better parent then they are. I'll make sure I'm a good parent so my kids love me.
Today I have band practice. First time I've seen Kevin in a week. I can only see him in public because I"m grounded. I get to see the person I love most. I also get kisses :D
Well I'm out. Peace yo.
Ha that doesn't sound good coming from a chick with dark makeup and emo hair.

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