Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th.

My Friday the 13th wasn't too bad actually.
I got up, and my dad took me clothes shopping. I got 3 tops and a black Owl necklace. Last year I was a mix between girly and emo. I don't want to be girly. This year I will wear goth and emo stuff. Occaisionally a color or two. Anyways, after that I had to go up to the University of Cincinnati. That's my sister's college. We were there about a half hour. Then we had to drive down Cincinnati through the really bad and violent part of it. My dad is highly racist. He's stupid. There is no difference between a black person and a white person other than the color of their skin.

Anyways, that's not the point. I go home, and when onto my blog to check it. 11 followers! That made me extremely happy. Thank you for all who has followed my blog. You make my day <3

I also went onto Runescape. That game has me hooked again. I then went out to eat at Penn Station. That place epicly suckes I hate it. I wanted to order a 5$ foot long. But oh wait! That's at Subway! Instead their foot longs are about 10$. 6 inches are 5$. Subway is alot better. The only thing that was good there was their fries. Afterwards we went to the movies and seen The Other Guys. It was alright. We went home and I went back onto Runescape and talked to Kevin for about an hour after everyone had went to sleep.

So that's pretty much how I spent my life on Friday the 13th. Pretty boring right? Well it wasn't that bad for me. Though it was bad for that baby rabitt I had to watch get hit while we were at a stop sign. Asshole. The guy didn't even try to slow down. He just kept going and speeding up. Could've dodged it. It was just a baby! It had so much to live for!

I wanna be a Vegan. Don't know what that is? An extreme Vegitarian. Along with not eating meat they also do not eat any food that has to do with animals such as Milk, Dairy products, and Eggs. I don't want to do it alone though so I want somebody close to me to do it with me. Such as Kevin but he won't cause he loves meat and milk and cheese and crap like that. I just feel so bad for the animals, ya know? They didn't do anything to deserve being killed by selfish humans to become their food. And with chickens. Oh look we're at a Chicken breeding farm. How wonderful! look at all the chickens sitting on their little eggs. Look! Those eggs are just hatched! Aww! How cute! 6 little baby chickens who will one day get beheaded, wrapped up in packaging, and shipped off to various stores and restraunts. Ain't that cute? Hey, somebody is picking up the mom of those 6 chicks. Hmm. She's being put on a metal table. Oh, they're probably gonna check to see if she's in shape and healthy. BANG! Well, there goes those chicks' mom. Soon, she'll get beheaded and cut up into many little pieces and served as popcorn chicken at KFC.

I want to be a vegan.

On another note, I had just gotten out of the shower and dressed cause I have to go with my parents to some stupid concert tonight.

Here are some thing I learned from Screamo:

1.The longer and louder the scream, the more hott it is. 2.If you can’t understand it, it is quality screamo. 3.One person in the band has 2 or more facial piercings. Always. 4.The lead singer, or the lead screamer (vocalist) is always the hottest in the band. 5.Tattoos. Lots of them. 6.Screamo Band members like to wear other band shirts. 7.If there is a girl in the band, she is always extremely beautiful. 8.Referred to as Devil’s music. 9.The guys in the band normally have extremely amazing hair. 10.The screamer can go minutes without breathing in between the verses. 11.The lyrics never have to make sense.

Random o.O

How is me and Kevin?

Why thank you for asking. We are completely wonderful as always. We never fight or argue. We're just a perfectly perfect couple. He always there for me and I try to always be there for him.

I am perfectly in love with the perfect guy.

Sweet, sensitive, loving, loyal, dark side, nice, caring, there for me, adorable, cute, nice to everyone and everything.

Too late girls, he's off the market. MINE!

Off that subject. I like to give you all a picture or two to make your day in my blogs. So here you go.

Sadly, this is all I could find.

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