Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo shoot.

So every once in a while I take my tripod and my camera and I get all dressed up and stuff and I take pictures of myself. Just for show of course. I'm not that pretty but I like taking pictures of myself. Conceited? Ehh not really. Kevin is way more beautiful(: Anyways, A couple posts ago I wrote that I got Black skinny jeans and a black sparkly tutu to go with them. Well a couple days ago we went to the mall. I got purple and black knee high socks, fish nets, and an Escape The Fate T shirt from Hot Topic. It has a cute demon girl on it. Anyways, The good pictures I kept from my photo shoot will be at the end of this post. Tell me whatcha think :D So.... School starts in a week. I am a Sophomore. I actually have prom this year, since Kevin is a junior. I'm excited about school. I haven't got much clothes, but since I'm grounded, I can't see Kevin. So I'm pumped that starting on Tuesday I get to see him every day! Ahh, there's nothing like the true bliss of love. I realized today, My dad said I'm gonna be driving in a year. I've decided to get my temps when I'm 16. Then I'll get my license around 16 1/2 to 17. Also, I told my dad today that he is a horrible person. That made me feel good. I went to the library today. I got my summer reading book on DVD, The Secret Life Of Bees. It was a pretty good movie. There was violence and deaths and suicides and love. It was great. I also got book one of Fruits Basket, Even though I already seen the anime of it, might as well read it. Book one of W Juliet. Book one of Phantom Dream.Book one of Me & My Brothers. And a book with actual words. Weird right? I'm into Manga but I stumbled upon this book in the Manga part of the library. It's called Gifted and there is more than one book to it. I figure I'll start reading it tomorrow. I love books. It's like an escape from the chaos of this world. Well anyways, I have to go do some Pest Controlling on Runescape. Here's my pictures! ^_^

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