Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Solar Flare.

So if you have been watching the new today you would know that there is a thing called a Solar Flare headed towards the earth. The sun erupted early sunday creating many Solar Flares in space. A Solar Flare is like a meteor. It's headed towards the Earth. It is supposed to hit us by later tonight and tomorrow. It was said that it would hit many satalites and interfere with some communications. I'm usually a very optimistic person but this just happens to be one of my pessimistic moments. In my mind, I believe it will actually hit the earth, leading us all to a firey death.

So since I believe I'm going to die, this might be my last post.

I have band camp this week. Yesterday was terrible. My back is burnt because I didnt put sun block on my back. I couldn't play any of the songs. We did fundamentals for hours and hours. We were outside in the sun all day. Today was better. My back hurt, my thumb is cut from having to hold up my Clarinet with my thumb. My chect is burnt today leaving white lines from there I had on a necklace. I can now play Superstion, Apache, and most of September. I still need to learn to play Play that Funky Music, and Give up the Funk. We did learn one of the song rutines. I'm pretty good at it.

Well I'll blog again on Thursday, if I'm still alive that is.

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