Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well I'm grounded again. I was grounded from the house phone, cell phone and computer. Then I layed in my bed and didn't eat for 3 days. So now I can at least get on the computer. Kevin and I are now mailing each other. It's snail mail but hey, it's some form of communication. I'm not gonna tell you why I'm grounded. Let's just say I'm a bad person. On the other hand. I'm still alive, right? Well I guess I didn't die from the solar flare. Anyways, I haven't seen my best friend since March 28th. Hmmm. That's the day I started talking to Kevin when me and Amber stalked his Facebook. Amber, ahh I sure miss you. Alot. Wait! I did see her. Last month. I haven't spent the night with her since March 28th. But I did see her. When see crashed my very first date. It was funny but I wanted the date to be very special. Not that it wasn't, But I wanted it to be just me and Kevin. It was really great to see Amber though. I went shopping for school cloth today. I think that they should make girl manikins fatter. Not like really fat but fatter. Like an average girl size. Not that skinny. Who's really that skinny nowadays anyways? I mean, the shirts and dresses look great on the manikins. So you go and try it on thinking that it will look just as great on you. What do ya know, It looks terrible. That's because most girls don't have the picture perfect body that the manikins have. We're not fake like they are. That just ticks me off. Today, I got black skinny jeans. And I got a really cute sparkly tutu to go over them. Perfect, right? I'll eventually put pictures up. I have had the hiccups twice today, including right now. I need a job. For one, I want to go on more dates. Two, I want to get stuff at Hot Topic. Three, I want to be a member on Runescape. And four, Just to have some money in my pockets. But I am 15. Not many places allow jobs at age 15. When I'm 16 I'm gonna be a waitress. Maybe somewhere where the shirts that they have to wear would make my boobs look amazing. Flaunt it. Eh. Getting yelled at. I'll blog later.

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