Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Date.

I had my very first date on Saturday with Kevin. I didn't let him know anything about it. It was a complete surprise. The Tuesday before the date I had asked my mom if she could take us somewhere for a date. She said yeah. So the Wednesday I went to the mall and bought a dress. A white dress. I don't know why I got a white dress but it was cute. Saturday we went back to the mall and I got a hair thing, undies, and shoes for my date. I then told Kevin to be ready by 5:00. Everybody knew about the date but him. His mom, probably his dad, my whole family, my friends, Kevin's besy friend Shawn. Anyways, I got ready to leave as soon as we got back from the mall. I guess I looked cute when it was all said and done. Then my dad and I went to go get Kevin. There he was, outside, dressed all nice. He was stunning(: He told me I looked beautiful. I attempted to blindfold him but it kept coming off. Then when we got close to the place I held my hands over his eyes. We then got out at Crackle Barrel which is my favorite restraunt. My dad dropped us off and left.They had good food. I enjoyed it. After that we went over to the movies. He's a Twilight boy so I thought I would take him to go see Eclipse. So we get there a little earlier than I expected. We get in there and we're cuddling and stuff. All of a sudden, Amber and her sister (my best friend) Shows up out of nowhere and sits in the seats behind us. They start talking extremely loud. I'm sorry for that Kevin. I should've never told her my plans for our date. But anyways, At least they quieted down when the movie started. Kevin and I talked alot during the movie. I liked it(: After the movie, Amber, Amanda, Kevin and I all walked over to Target. We walked on the street too. I was in a dress. We walked through target for a while. Then Kenny, Amber's step dad, came and got them. Kevin and I stood there for a minute and then Kevin's mom drove up and picked us up. We drove to their house but I only had maybe 5 minutes before Robin got there. That was the end of our date. The next day I went to a party with Kevin and his family. It was fun. Even if me and him just sat in the car the whole time pleasuring each other. Haha! Well good luck with those nightmares. I'll blog again whenever.

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