Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello blogging world.
Last saturday I left to go to Orlando, Florida. The trip was fine, I guess. I got back 2 days ago, on Saturday. The trip was going just fine.... Until Wednesday came and my phone ran out of minutes. Of course, I have cincinnati bell, and there is absolutely no place to buy a phone card in Florida. That sucked. I had no way to contact Kevin for the rest of the week. Every now and then Robin would be nice and let me use her phone to text Kevin for a little bit. I was miserable the rest of the week. Wednesday was the day we went to Universal Studios. I couldn't text at all. My birthday was friday. I'm officially 15 now. My life is flashing before my eyes. On the brightside, since it was my birthday, I now actually have money and can buy stuff. I'm going to see if my mom or dad can take me and Kevin somewhere on Saturday. Speaking of Kevin, I'm extremely happy to say that I am no longer grounded from Kevin. I have been since summer started. Now I am not and I can see him bunches. I guess my rain of sadness is finally turning into some sunshine. Or this could just be the phase of the shiney rainbow, untill the rainbow dissappears and we're left with the miserable sun. I don't even know what I'm saying. On my Birthday, we went to the outlet mall. I found a really cute little emo dress. It's really short but its really cute. I wore it to Kevin's house yesterday. I think he liked it ;) I also got a black Tremble clef necklace and an adorble pet cactus. I'm trying to think of a name for it. I have this lemon/apple tree named Frufru. While we were in Florida we went to the World's Largest Mcdonalds. That was chaotic. When I went to Kevin's yesterday we watched home videos from when he was really little. I watched his birthing video too. He was so cute!!! And he still is(: Anyways.... That's all I have to say for this blog, here's some pictures.

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