Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Updates.

Sorry, I've had writers block.

My life, right now, feels as if somebody pressed the slow motion button on it. I hate summer, With a fiery passion. Right now I'm grounded from Kevin. I won't say exactly why I am, but I'll be ungrounded in about 2 more weeks. I've been grounded all summer. My dad is being stupid. My sister takes me to see him in secret alot though so that's good. My summer sucks. My days are long. My sleeping is out of whack. I go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm. I don't like it but I talk to Kevin til 5 in the morning. I have absolutely nothing to do all day. I literally sit at the computer all day every day. I'm pretty sure that's not healthy. Plus we go out for McDonald's ice cream every other day. I swear I've gained like 10 pounds since school ended. On the bright side, I'm leaving for Orlando Florida on July 3rd and we won't be back until July 11th. On the downer side, It's during my birthday, on the 9th, and I won't be able to spend it with Kevin. On the bright side, my parents are gonna give me money in Florida so I can buy stuff for Kevin. On the downer side, My phone is out of minutes and they said they won't give me a phone card until next week. On the bright side, I took, my report card, scanned it onto the computer, and redid all my grades so that I won't be grounded all summer, and I'll retake the classes this year. On the downer side, I'm gonna be a sophomore.
Okay enough of that.
My friends confuse me.
Since I haven't had a phone card I haven't been texting them. But before I ran out of minutes I texted them all but nobody replied back. and I've been keeping in touch with Whitley. We've talked on the phone a couple times. Crystal and Michaela are ignoring me though. Amber's house has a bug problem right now and I can't go over there. But I will be going over there sometime. Like how my parents said that when we're getting a new house, which is sometime this summer, they said I can stay at Amber's house While the house gets put in here. Which I would stay with here for a week or so if her parents say I can. It's either that, or my gramma's house in Delhi.
On Wednesday I had to go to the doctor's. Turns out I have things wrong with me.
First of all, I already knew I had a cyst in my left wrist. It is a Ganglion Cyst that hurts extremely bad. It sometimes swells up and I can't move my wrist at all. Other times it's just a bump in my wrist and grosses people out when I have them touch it. The doctor told me that it will continue to bother me the rest of my life unless I get it surgically removing it.
Second, I get these things in my throat called Tonsilloliths, or Tonsil stones. They are White globs of bacteria that form in my Tonsil Crypts. They make my throat hurt and it makes it hard to breathe. They are really hard to get out too. The doctor said that the only way to make them stop coming is to get my tonsils surgically removed.
Third, I get these extremely painful pains in my sides. They get so bad that I can't even breathe. I get them alot, just about every other day. I get 3 or 4 at a time too. The doctor told me that those pains are from my Gall Bladder. She said that since my mom had to have hers taken out, and I'm getting the pains from them, I will have to get my Gall Bladder surgically removed when I'm older.
Fourth, I have some things wrong with my Aorta. I didn't tell the doctor about it because I've only told Kevin. So all the things wrong with that, may lead to me not being able to have children. Since I've only told Kevin, I'm not going to go into detail on here for everybody to read.
So I'm pretty much starting to hate the words "Surgically Remove". Also, While I was at the doctors on Wednesday, She said I needed my Gardisal shot. Of course I haven't had a shot since 1st grade. I thought I should probably get it over with, So I did. It was a long needle that went into my upper left arm. It didn't hurt too bad. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. To be honest, I kinda liked the pinch it gave me. The shot only took a second and it was done. But the nurse was stupid. She didn't know that I had to lay down for 10-15 minutes after I had the shot, so she let me get up and leave right away. While I was standing at the counter with my dad and Robin, Robin was staring at me. Then I started to Black out. I couldn't see anything. She asked if I was okay and then I started to fall, and the people caught me and guided me over to a chair. They sat me down, and gave me a cup of water. Then I couldn't hear anything either. They said I looked really pale. I couldn't see and I couldn't hear and I didn't talk cause I was freaking out. I felt kinda like Helen Keller for a minute. That happened for about 15 minutes. Then I was perfectly fine. Stupid nurse. The doctor yelled at her though. afterwards, we went to McDonald's and got ice cream. I have to get another shot in 2 months, and then another in 6. Then I won't get Cancer.

Well that's how my life is going right now. LAME.
Birthday is in 12 days. yay?
Well I gotta go paint a box. I'll blog whenever.

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