Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Summer.

So far, As I can see it, This summer, Is going to suck.

I hate summer. Its hot. Its gross. Its boring. Its lame. Its fattening.

I've been through plenty of summers in my years.
This is my Daily Schedule: Sleep til noon, Get up, Get on the computer, Eat, Computer, Eat, Computer, Pee, Computer, Take Coby out, Let Kitty in, Computer, Music, Get the Mail, Eat, Computer, Pee, Sleep, Wake up, Eat, Computer, Shower, Bed.
It's boring. That happens EVERY DAY.
This summer, So far, I'm grounded from Kevin. Nobody is ever home. Kevin hangs out with his friends while I'm stuck at home. I'm supposed to go to The Beach Water park on Friday to hang out with my Stuckup Cousins. On Saturday I get to hang out with Kevin at the Zoo, Then I can't see him for the Summer. Next month I'm supposed to go to Orlando Florida from July 4-10. Through my freaking Birthday and I really don't wanna go. I have Band Camp in August, That's gonna suck.
That is literally all I'm doing this summer.

Summer day 1. I got up at noon. Went pee. I got on the computer, Ate Wafflecrisp, Cleaned the house a little, Listened to Music while I did the Dishes, Played on the computer, Took Coby out and let Kitty in, Got the mail, Talked to Kevin for 10 minutes until Cody got there, And now I'm back on the computer. I have done nothing interesting all day.
I miss school. I miss getting up at 6 and rushing to make my hair look good. I miss seeing Kevin in the morning, and shaking him violently to wake him up. I miss seeing my friends and hitting Aaron. I miss going to Braush's for Honors Geometry and sleeping through his class. I miss Seeing Kevin in between every class. I miss going to Rumsy's for English that I failed 1st trimester and learning the same stuff over again, and talking to some chick that I can't stand. I miss going to Kessler's for English I failed 2nd Trimester and learning that crap over again. I miss going to Lunch and seeing Kevin. I miss watching Kelsey and Alex's screwed up relationship and how they always fight at lunch while me and Kevin make out. I miss going to William's for Science and talking to Whitley and Justin the whole class, not knowing what William's was talking about. I miss doing projects with Whitley and Justin and me and Whitley do most of the project. I miss going to French and sleeping in her class everyday cause we would watch movies there everyday. I miss waking up to the bell at the end of the day and going outside and seeing Kevin. I miss making out with Kevin at the end of the day and getting yelled at by teachers to get on our buses. I miss getting on the bus late and having hell trying to find a seat and ending up sitting with some kid that I hate. But most of all, I miss being a Freshmen.

The last day of school was good. The night before, me and Kevin stayed up on the phone til like 2 in the morning. It was emotional cause I couldn't stop crying. We made promises to each other. I swear, I will never break a single promise I made. At school, I was hyper. I hugged all my friends and told them I loved them. I hung out with Kevin at lunch and I told him to bite me and hard as he could and he did. I have a bite mark on my neck now. I could've sworn I was going to cry. Kevin kept me smiling all day. Thank you.

Stupid Summer. Do me a favor, and disappear.

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