Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its complicated.

I haven't blogged in a while. Thought I should tell you how my life is going.

Well School Wise.
My school life is screwed up. I've failed 5 classes so far this entire year. English 1, English 2, Honors Geometry 1, Social Studies 1, And Social Studies 2.
This Trimester I retook English 1 and English 2. I'm not behind on my math course because in 8th grade I took Algebra for 9th grade and got credits for it. But this Trimester, I'm failing Honors Geometry 2, and I'm pretty sure I'm failing Geophysical Science 2. My parents do not know about any of that. They keep telling me that if my grades start dropping I can kiss Kevin goodbye. Like hell if they think they're gonna control that. I'm not giving him up for the world. But they keep telling me that. They would also ground me from absolutely everything. It's not like I'm going to college so I don't need that good of grades. But I'm scared about the Summer when my report card comes in the mail. On the bright side, I passed French and Band with flying colors! XD
Anyways. My English teacher keeps calling my class Sophomore's now. Since the seniors are gone, Apparently we all get called by our upper grade level now. To be honest, I don't want to be a sophomore. Every time I'm reminded that I'm almost a Sophomore my eyes start watering. I'm terrified of being a Sophomore. Can't I just stay a Freshman Forever? Like that song, Seventeen Forever. I wanna stay a Freshman forever. I don't wanna get older. And to make it worse, I'm gonna be 15 on July 9th. And I keep telling my parents the only thing I want for my birthday is to spend it with Kevin. But apparently We're going to be in Florida then... Hopefully not.

My home life still sucks. I'm always getting yelled at and stuff. Not much else to say. Kevin hung out at my place for the first time on Sunday. Yeah, NEVER again. My parents wouldn't even let him sit near me. And we couldn't swim close to each other. Stupid parents. While his mom walks in on Kevin on top of me, making out, while I pull his hair, And she doesn't even care. He has cool parents. She even knows about the hickeys of him. And doesn't care. That's why we always hang out at his house.

My love life is so amazing right now. It's always been amazing. So last weekend I went to Kevin's house all day on Saturday. Then on Wednesday we went to the mall together then went to his house afterwards. Then on Friday we hung out on Walmart. On Saturday I went to his house all day. On Sunday he came over to my house all day. Then yesterday, Monday, Memorial day, I went over to his house all day. Saturday and Monday were absolutely amazing. Yesterday was pretty crazy.
My friend life is all screwed up. Okay so about a week ago I was talking crap about the color guard and now Michaela hates me. Today Whitley was talking crap about me and Kevin so I'm dropping her as a friend completely. I'm sick and tired of dealing with her mouth all the time. She tells me that all I talk about is Kevin. Which I do agree with that but she does the exact same thing with Becca. I'm sick and tired of hearing about her lesbian sex life with Becca. That's so much worse than what I talk about. Its disgusting. She disgusts me. She thinks she's the most amazing person out there and that nothing will happen to her. Forget her. I'm done with it. Crystal is still there and is still my friend but we never talk anymore. Aaron is just Aaron. He means nothing to me anymore. Amber is still my best girl friend. But I never see her. I want to see her all the time but we're always too busy. I'll probably spend a couple weeks at her house in the summer though. I miss her so much. I haven't seen her in 2 months. We text alot though. I would drop all my friends for Kevin but her. She's different than the rest. A true friendship is something to hold on to. Forget my other friends. Friends just add drama. Especially my friends at school. Well alot of my friends are just minor friends. And all of a sudden I'm friends with all of Kevin's friends. Its kinda scary, But they're nice. I have lots of friends. But I have 2 best friends. Kevin and Amber. Forget the rest. I got them by my side(:

Well I guess I'll blog some more when more drama gets added to my life. See you soon XD

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