Monday, May 17, 2010


We're all dreamers.

Either we know it or we don't. Some of us have dreams but yet we bury them so deep that we can't dig them out. Some of our dreams don't seem practical and they get buried. Or some of us get put down so much that the dreams are hidden under our sadness. We drown them in our tears. We dream of a good life and a good future. We dream of magic and fantasies. We dream of flying in the skys like a newborn creature. Some dreams are too far to reach and slip out from our grasp. Reality overcomes us and our biggest dreams die and become nightmares. Most of our dreams aren't included in reality. But what do we get from that? Nightmares. Lies. Terror. Look at the past. People have had unrealistic dreams and they have came true. The lightbulb was once an unrealistic dream. Same with cars and the internet. But what we truly need to learn from dreams is that we shouldn't bury them. Keep dreaming. Without dreams we would be nothing. We gotta shoot for the stars.

We're all dreamers whether we choose to be or not.

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