Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Locket.

Yesterday was me and Kevin's one month(:
Okay so I was talking to Kevin on either Monday or Tuesday and I said that I'm gonna draw him a beastly picture. It turned out flippin amazing(: I was happy and excited. It looked great. The main part of it was a big heart in the middle (it looked almost perfect) and a heartbeat on both sides of the heart going off the page with I Love You written in cursive in the middle of it. It was pretty sweet. And I wrote a bunch of stuff on it too. He told me that I should give it to him on Friday so I was like alright I will. So me and him meet at the circle in the morning (the circle is my group of friends in the lobby) When I first get there I wait about 10 minutes for Kevin to arrive. I was talking to my friends and I was showing them my beastly picture and they were telling me cute ways I could give it to him. Yeah none of them were me. Well he walked in and we hugged like we always do (long hug(: ) And then I grabbed the picture and gave it to him. Of course my 3 besties over there were starring at us watching everything and they said that was stupid cause I didn't give it to him in any cute way... But he stood there and read it(: (He hung it on his wall later that day) Then he hugged me and thanked me for the picture. Its just a picture, nothing special. Then he said 'My Turn' and got down in his backpack and pulled out a little white box. When he said my turn I could've sworn he would pull out a picture he drew... That box was definitely not a picture... So he stood there was trying to hand it to me. I was in a state of shock. My eyes were wide and my mouth was open. (My friends were still watching) Reality snapped in my face and my brain turned back on. I started crying and I gently grabbed the box. I'm pretty sure I was shaking at that point. I looked inside and I was in shock again... Then I quickly hugged him tight. Inside was the most beautiful Locket. It was the prettiest thing anybody has ever given me. Wow. The bell rang and we had to go to class but I didn't want that hug to end. We kissed and started walking. That was great. I love surprises but no surprise has ever made me cry. I cried for 3 class periods. I love the locket. I'm going to wear it everyday(: When I got home I put cute pictures of us in it(: I was not expecting that. Happy one month Kevin <3>

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