Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things to do Before I Die.

1. Play Russian Roulette.

2. Pet a Squirrel.

3. Sit on the sidewalk somewhere and yell at random people as they walk by.

4. Go on a shopping spree to Hot Topic.

5. Buy a 2 liter of vault and drink it all.

6. Write a Hit List.

7. Do a guy's makeup and wardrobe girly.

8. Grow my hair down to my butt.

9. Start a Family.

10. Actually be someone important.

11. Marry the love of my life.

12. Fly in an airplane.

13. Visit Paris.

14. Sing in front of a crowd.

15. Ride in a mechanical scooter through Walmart.

16. Get in a really big accident and survive.

17. Bleach my hair.

18. Feed a Hobo.

19. Spend 10 hours on the phone at once.

20. Nearly murder somebody.

21. Make a heart out of our hands with a boy.

22. Watch a chicken lay an egg.

23. Jab a horse with a stick.

24. Have a Blog people actually read.

25. Run into a church on Sunday during their preaching time and yell "Atheist Power!" Then run out.

26. Be in an angry mob.

27. Have at least 15 hamsters at one time.

28. Get told "I'd do absolutely anything for you." by a guy.

29. Get an A on a really important Exam.

30. Be a virgin until I get married.

31. Make a Fantastic cake for Kevin on a very special day.

32. Receive a dozen Black Roses by somebody.

33. Give a dozen Black Roses to somebody.

34. Learn to play the Violin.

35. Learn to play the Piano.

36. Learn to play the Drums.

37. Be a Clarinet in Marching Band all 4 years of High School.

38. Live in Tennessee for a year.

39. Smash a cell phone with a hammer.

40. Break a window with my fist.

41. Swim with Sharks.

42. Throw a huge Party.

43. Skydive.

44. Learn all French.

45. Learn to Roller Blade.

46. Ride a Camel.

47. Get spit on by a Llama.

48. Ride in a canoe with Kevin.

49. Shower in a Waterfall.

50. Communicate with the Dead.

51. Watch a Lunar Eclipse.

52. Write my Will.

53. Sleep outside on the ground, under the stars with somebody.

54. Sleep all night in Kevin's arms. (While I'm young)

55. Learn to juggle.

56. Go to a circus.

57. Do a barrel roll out of a car and let it go into the ocean off of a Cliff.

58. Smash a Watermelon with a hammer.

59. Write a song.

60. Ride a Giraffe.

61. Try at least 20 different hair cuts.

62. Feel proud of myself.

63. See myself in my child's eyes.

64. Get my Limbreh pierced.

65. Gauge my ears again.

66. Get to the weight size I've always wanted.

67. Embarrass myself majorly but feel no different

68. Turn a straight guy gay and a gay guy straight.

69. Float in outer space while eating a Banana.

70. Ride in a Hot air Balloon.

71. Ride a Ferris wheel with Kevin.

72. River raft.

73. Crash an Airplane.

74. Climb a pyramid.

75. Build a Tree House.

76. Pet an Elephant Seal.

77. Feed a Goat a tire.

78. Feed a Tiger a giant steak out of my hands.

79. Tell somebody my life story.

80. Teach a Blind person how to read.

81. Jump into a Volcano and come out alive.

82. Paint Graffiti.

83. Build an Igloo.

84. Bury a Time Capsule.

85. Create a new food.

86. Pet a Jellyfish.

87. Send 5000 texts in one day.

88. Read a novel in a day.

89. Have a job that I love.

90. Learn how to say 'I love you' in 13 different languages.

91. Watch a full Sunset with somebody I love.

92. Ride in a submarine.

93. Go mountain climbing.

94. Go to the north pole.

95. Fly in a wing suit strapped to an airplane.

96. Ride in a helicopter.

97. Walk to Great wall of China.

98. Make a complete meal on my own and have other people eat it.

99. Overcome my fear of Wasps.

100. Learn to Love myself how I am.

1 comment:

  1. hi. just want to say that i've read a few posts! nice writing.

    and, i particularly like the "100 things to do..." So, my questions are:

    have you started on the list since posting it in 2010? Specifically, have you started working on numbers 34-36, 44, 84, 98, 100?

    Speaking from experience (I'm now 33) I'd say, don't waste time! You can't really imagine it now, but time is something you can NEVER get back. Regarding #34-36 and 44: Learning instruments and languages is SO valuable to your life...and these are things that take TIME. TRUST me, the older you get, the less time you have to invest in learning stuff like this. Even from 18 on, life gets WAY faster and more complicated....things like work, college, adulthood get in the way and then, poof, you never learned how to play instruments / speak french!

    I'd say, don't waste TOO much time shopping and boyfriending around...of course sometime but don't forget you've got goals and are lucky. Some people don't have these.

    You are a good writer and seem like a cool girl. So GET COOKIN' .

    Less, lebray and ear gauges (pointless things, in the long run) and more music and learning and living! Life is hard and you need SKILLS to get you success....

    Lastly, I'm really curious: have you done the "atheist power" move yet? DO IT! more importantly, think about what that means to you to have "atheist power". I'd be interested in reading a post on that. In general about your thoughts on religion/society...

    Just so you know: I'm not a weirdo. Just someone who found a link to your page here: because i live in germany (but I'm American) and this site finds different cultural stuff online and posts's called perlentaucher which means "diving for pearls" have to scroll down on the page to where it says: "aus den blogs" (from the blogs) and there they linked your Gorey's alphabet post. Just FYI.

    So you see, just wanted to comment to let you know people are reading...keep posting. My favorite time were my teenage years. I am still really interested in how teenagers think and feel and express themselves. Even though I still feel young, it's different. Those days of freedom and first experiences are gone for me. So my advice, for what it's worth: DONT WASTE THEM! have the most fun you can! make your own fun...and keep thinking beyond the boundaries of your town! And write about it....