Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 1: Rough Morning

So I'm already making my families lives miserable. I don't mean to, it's not my fault they hate me. So right now everybody but me and my father are out getting breakfst. I set my alarm for seven. I didn't get woken up by it until eight. I'm the only one who set an alarm, and I was the last one up. So when i woke up, everybody was watching dolphins out on the balcony. I had to run and get a shower really quick. After I got out, the dolphins were gone. That sucks. But what really sucks is that everybody was rubbing it in to me that they saw a dolphin show. Not even ten minutes after my shower, my mom was yelli at me that I'm not ready yet. What the hell! I had just gotten out of the shower! So then everybody else was up my butt about me not being ready. I set an alarm! It's not my fault I wasn't awoken by it! So then I went And blow dried my hair, and straightened it. Then by then, Ed and Darlene already left for breakfast. My mom was laying in her bed and daddy was o the couch. I went to sit on the chair and robin came out and threw a fit that everybody was just laying around. Mommy and her threw a fit together and left. By then daddy was pissed and was yelling at me about how miserable I make his life and how we are just gonna go home today. I'm just a teenager! I didn't do anything and everybody was at my throat with knives. So daddy yelled at me for about five minutes and then he forced my downstairs and to the car. Of course, I was balling my eyes out the whole time and my face was blood red. By the time we got to the car, he yelled at me some more about he's not going anywhere with me while I'm crying. He ran inside and I was just standing there, crying my eyes out in the parking lot. Then I went down to the beach and cried for twenty minutes. Walked down it, and then came back. I haven't said a word to him but he told me that we can go out and get breakfast. What the hell! You just patronized me and now you'll take me to breakfast? I don't play thAtt crap! But yeah, that's how my morning went. Great.

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