Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2: Outlet Mall

Sorry for the delay in this post. The stupid Wifi stopped working yesterday. I will talk about yesterday.
So yesterday was a pretty good day. I woke up fairly early but I didn't get to see Dolphines. We had breakfast and then I feel right back asleep. So far, everyday of this vacation, I took a nap. After I woke up, and everybody else did, we all went to the Outlet mall. Everybody else has been taking a nap everyday too. The mall was pretty stupid. There were a heck of a lot of stores, but I didn't get one thing there. We all got ice cream, but that doesn't count. We were there for about two hours. It was also raining really hard and we spotted funnel clouds. Scary stuff. At about five thirty we went to Applebees and had dinner. It was really good. We were the only people there. On our way back from Applebees we stopped off at the little tourist stores that are fun. I was on a hunt for those surfer dude necklaces that have the beads and the shark tooth. I finally found one that'll look soooooo sexy on Kevin. Mmmm! I can't wait to see it on him.... Shirtless! Ive been talking about it a lot too. About how sexy he's gonna look. I mean, he's already flippin sexy as he'll but I thinkthe necklace will look great on him. I also got Debbie a box of Salt water taffy cause I know how much she likes that. After we got back, we relaxed a bunch and I got naked. It's too hot for clothes! Pshhh. What are clothes? Well after a while I put back on my clothes and walked around. I walked down to the beach for a little bit but I'm not too sure why, or at least I think I walked down to the beach. Maybe if the wifi worked yesterday my memory would have been fresher. Later on i took a shower. Not too interesting. A little bit later, Robin had me govwith her down the street to the stores. She tried on about fifty bikinis and i had to help her pick one out. My feet hurt real bad after that. Later that night me and Robin heard noises in our condo. No, it wasn't the people next door. It was too vivid and clear for it to be anywhere but somewhere in here. After we heard a big noise, we heard little noises after that. We got scared and Robin told me to come in her bed. After a while, we grew the balls and got up. We searched the bathroom first and for weapons, I had the straightener in my hands and robin had the hair dryer, cause you know, if the killer had a gun, we straighten him to death. He'd be no match for our scary hair dryer. After we searched the condo, we went to bed.

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