Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ahhh, Vacation.
It's the time for sleeping, relaxing in the beach, eating junkvfood like there is no tomorrow, sleeping all day, drinking until you pass out, staying up all night, partying, swimming, acting stupid, and of course, taking it easy.
I'm probably being stereotypical when I call the, whores, but hey, it's my post, I'll call them what I want.
So I have realized what I hate most of all about vacation.
You know the type..
The girls wthat where the itty bitty bikinis and flaunt what they have, or what they don't have with all their soul. The kind of bathing suits that barely cover anything. I absolutely hate those people. And don't say I just don't like them cause I'm jealous. Ha, you're funny. I'm almost a D cup. I'm just fine with my body. I just don't go around in public with all my junk hanging out. I find those people disgusting. COVER UP. Seriously, nobody wants to see that. I know they would never believe me, but it's true. Nobody wants to see your tits, or your couchy. If you wear one of these tiny things, you are basically screaming that you're a whore and you want to get laid. I mean, if that's really what you want people to think about you, go ahead and wear it. But I'm also talking about the whores that wear their bikini wherever they go. like, as clothes. It's not doing you any good to walk around half naked. Most likely you're going to get pregnant and you have some sex disease. HERPES.
Sorry for my rant and direct criticism. But Damn! I think Bikinis should be illegal for something. I hate them. I could wear one, I just don't. They're disgusting.
But thanks for listening to my rant.
Don't leave any stupid ass comments. I will delete them if they're dumb.

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