Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 4: Angry Putt Putt

So on Wednesday we went to Putt Putt golf. I'm sure we did stuff during the day, too, but apparently nothing worth remembering. So at night we went to putt putt. It was stupid. We had a million people behind us the whole time and everybody rushed me. I think it's stupid cause we were there first, and first come first serve. It was no fun cause we were being rushed. It's no fun if half of your group is on one hole and half is on another. Well in the end is was disgusting outside the whole time and it was no fun. So we went out for ice cream. The dairy queen there sucked. I asked for extra cookie doughcand I got about ten pieces in the whole thong. They also don't have chocolate ice cream! That's crazy. After we got back, daddyvand me went down to the ocean and found a bunch of shells. Yeah, it was a boring day.
I'm almost to my 100th post. Maybe I'll make a really long post in honor of the crap I write on here. But hey, if you're reading this, thanks for actually paying attention to my blog. It really does mean a lot.

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