Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3: Dolphin Cruise

So we all got woken up at some crazy hour in the morning. It was about six. Nobody should even be alive at six. Well it was just me, my mom, and Eddy awake then. I hurried up and got dressed and went out of the balcony. Nobody was down at the beach, so I grabbed the bag of popcorn and went down to the beach. I saw a Seagull and I threw a piece up. It came down and caught it. More and more of them appeared. The would fly right above my head for a piece and fight each other for them. It was cute. It started with one and it ended up being around fifty at the end. They love me. Same thing tomorrow, guys? I think so. We picked up more bags of popcorn cause I had fun. So after everybody woke up, we left and went to Waffle House. We had breakfast there and soon left to this Harbor. We went on a Dolphin Cruise. I've never seen so many Dolphins in my life and I've been on about three other Dolphin Cruises. There was one that had a baby next to it! So I filmed about ten minutes worth of dolphins and gave up with the video camera. The cruise ended up being two and a half hours long. It was interesting. It was worth fifteen bucks. When we got back home, we all took naps, of course! Yeah my nap was about four hours long. It felt great. After I woke up, supper was almost done. We had chili. It was good. Before it was done, my mom and me went to the store and picked up some stuff. Everybody had planned on drinking tonight, so we had to pick up something for me to drink. I may be sixteen, but even when I'm of legal age, I still won't ever drink alcohol. Gross. So we got those root beer bottles that look like beer. I felt like I was cool. When we got back we ate. Afterwards we all drank and went swimming. Then robin, daddy, and me went to the store and Robin got her airbrush shirt thing filled out and she has to pick it up tomorrow. I also got Kevin's daddy an ash tray. I'd feel bad if I went home empty handed with Debbie and Kevin something but not big Kevin anything. So I got this really cute ash tray for him. I don't know much about him so it's hard to get something for him. All I know is that he likes cars and smoking. We also baked cookies. They turned out alright. A little hard, but oh well. I think we're going putt putting tomorrow. I hate golfing. It make me angry. Kevin found that out the hard way.
So I should be starting my period sometime soon, hopefully. It has a crazy schedule.
I should probably start my summer reading soon. Hell, I'm on vacation!
I really like it here.
I also love my boyfriend. I feel like I don't say that enough in my posts.
I want a child! Really bad!
Maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow :3
Sleeping in doesn't exist on vacation.
I miss my cat:( I hope she's doing okay...
For a Tuesday, I think it was alright.
Only two more days here. But I miss my boyfriend. So I need to get back before I go crazy from love withdrawal.
New post tomorrow!

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