Sunday, July 24, 2011

I should probably update my blog...

So, If I don't blog soon, I'm going to lose readers. Hello world, its been a while.
Last time I posted, it was before my birthday. Well, I'm 16 now. Yay? I didn't have a party, like most sweet 16 ers. Debbie and Kevin took me out. It was great. It was really fun. We went mini golfing and go carting. We watched fireworks and had a lot of fun.
I am blogging from the comfort of my bed at this moment. I got a wireless router for my birthday and now my IPad is a computer. I'm addicted to it. I also bought a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards and a deck builders toolkit. The weekend after my birthday weekend, last weekend, my sister and I dog sitted at her friend's house so we stayed there ll weekend it was fun. I hung out with Amber cause Robins friend lives in the same trailer park.
My family and I are leaving for our vacation on Alabama this Friday. I'm kinda excited. I'll take some pictures.
How are Kevin and I? Amazing as always. I do love my Kevin. I've noticed that all the other couples in my school are breaking up. That makes me happy cause Kevin and I are not going to break up. So all the other couples are breaking up and me and Kevin keep getting closer. We're closer than ever lately. I'm not too sure what else I should say.
Well, that's all for right now.
Oh yeah, and also, June 30th was just about the best day of my life. <3

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