Friday, April 9, 2010

Hate is a strong word.

I hate slow texters. I hate short texts. I hate it when people only send lol. I hate thunderstorms. I hate wasps. I hate coke. I HATE guys that want sex. I hate people who can't keep a secret. I hate family gatherings. I hate when the sun is too bright. I hate coldness. I hate sluts who wear tank tops that show too much cleavage and short shorts that show too much legs. I hate bright colors. I hate catchy rap songs. I hate learning new things. I hate being proved wrong. I hate bad spelling. I hate it when people pat backs during hugs. I hate hair if its off of a head. I hate Spanish. I hate guys that play with hearts. I hate shots. I hate people who go hunting. I hate diets. I hate jocks who are full of themselves. I hate singing in front of people. I hate snow. I hate long nails. I hate white people who say they're black. I hate tan. I hate zits. I hate green food. I hate cleaning. I hate homework. I hate country music. I hate it when guys think they're better than girls. I hate the past. I hate raccoons. I hate it when lights flicker. I hate it when my straightener doesn't heat up fast enough. I hate boring people. I hate talking to people I don't know. I hate the idea of college. I hate swim suits that show too much. I hate girls that flaunt it all. I hate books with too many words. I hate sarcasm. I hate video game addicts. I hate the color green. I hate waking up late and having to rush. I hate it when my hair won't straighten. I hate wind on a good hair day. I hate awkward conversations. I hate loud birds. I hate jellyfish. I hate cold showers. I hate models. I hate movies with bad endings. I hate arguments. I hate little kids. I hate babies. I hate lame roller coasters. I hate people who say they think gauges are disgusting. I hate it when people talk about this so called "god". I hate religious people. I hate barking dogs. I hate parentals. I hate guys that make no effort with a girl. I hate seafood. I hate guns. I hate guys who pressure girls into sex. I personally hate the whole idea of sex. I hate getting called a poser. I hate crosses. I hate bad hair days. I hate calicks. I hate pony tails. I hate posers. I hate labels. I hate scene chicks. I hate people who dye their hair alot. I hate empty stomachs. I hate quiet music. I hate cheerleaders. I hate annoying beeping noises. I hate nail polish. I hate vinegar. I hate pecs. I hate muscles (I want some meat on my man. lol). I hate veggies. I hate rich kids. I hate smelly cologne. I hate old lady perfume. I hate it when strangers smile at me. I hate stories about rapists. I hate tight shirts. I hate getting my hopes up for them to only come crashing down. I hate being sick. I hate skinny chicks. I hate loud cars. I hate meeting new people. I hate Christmas and Easter (pointless to an Atheist). I hate Greek mythology. I hate school breaks. I hate waking up early. I hate gross tastes in mouth. I hate boring music. I hate getting told what to do. I hate seniors boss you around. I hate fitting in. I hate being like everyone else. I hate it when I don't stand out. I hate silence. I hate getting scared. I hate red heads. I hate freckles. I hate blurry pictures that would've been cute. I hate alot of foods. I hate it when I have Pancakes but no Syrup. I hate Horses. I hate Monkeys. I hate Dolphins. I hate it when the guy is always different around their friends. I hate when you try to play a game with your friends but they keep telling stories and you never finish the game. I hate my body. I hate loud noises. I hate when my phone has no service. I hate crying in front of my parents. I hate having periods. I hate tampons. I hate barbeque's stuff. I hate when the bottom of my shoes are muddy. I hate being outside alone at night. I hate flying insects. I hate bright lights turned out right when its dark. I hate blacking out. I hate memory loss. I hate the thought of growing up. I hate failing. I hate boring books. I hate anything that has to do with the Twilight Saga. I hate sexual songs. I hate melted ice cream. I hate clubs. I hate shorts. I hate temptations to cut myself. I hate wind chimes. I hate when my pets die. I hate scary friends' parents. I hate being alone outside. I hate time limits. I hate eating out of boredom. I hate when the computer freezes. I hate chick flicks. I hate soap operas. I hate running. I hate sports. I hate my prepaid phone. I hate getting yelled at. I hate crying for no reason. I hate when I have no privacy. I hate getting grounded. I hate when my parents try to control my life. I hate when my parents try and read my texts. I hate knowing something I shouldn't of known then feeling like crap. I hate it when I go through the trouble of looking cute on a special day and nobody says a word about it. I hate wearing a cute emo outfit and getting stared at. I hate getting asked if I cut myself. I hate getting assumed that I cut myself due to my beastly emo hair. I hate fights. I hate pants that don't fit quite right. I hate not having any good food to eat in the house. I hate being sick and not being able to sing. I hate when I turn my friends screamo. I hate when its my birthday in the middle of the summer and nobody tells me happy birthday. I hate when the radio repeats the same gross songs over and over. I hate Miley Cyrus with a passion. I hate when girls obsess over blue eyes. I hate when girls obsess over guys chests and pecs. I hate when guys have six packs. I hate it when my Clarinet squeaks. I hate when my reed won't compromise with me. I hate not knowing how to dance. I hate Hamburger Helper. I hate when markers run out of ink while your coloring. I hate it when I'm playing with chalk on concrete and scratch my finger along it like 10 times. I hate the last bit of pop in 2 liters. I hate not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I hate not being able to get comfy. I hate moving and then going back to how you were so comfortable before but then I can't figure out how to get so comfy again. I hate falling asleep in the middle of movies. I hate stubbing my foot on something. I hate feet. I hate shaking. I hate when my plants die. I hate sweat. I hate the hard parts in pieces of pineapple. I hate having a big plan and it not turning out how I saw it. I hate it when Myspace and Facebook spazzes out. I hate the smell of fish. I hate being on boats. I hate swimming in Oceans. I hate traveling 20 hours by car. I hate seeing people go back to someone who hurt them eighty times. I hate curly hair. I hate jokes that don't make me laugh. I hate gossip about people I care about. I hate girls with guy names. I hate when dogs lick my face. I hate when I'm twirling my hair and it gets all tangly. I hate cramps. I hate being lazy. I hate waking up from a nap gross, hot, and sweaty. I hate sexual guys. I hate not being able to eat just one of anything sweet. I hate not being able to focus on schoolwork. I hate split ends. I hate alot more than that but this is just what was on the top of my head.

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