Friday, April 2, 2010

Lock In.

Okay, I know I said I was gonna blog about the Lock In on Friday but I kinda slept the day away and was lazy. So it's Saturday, Yesterday was the Lock In.... and I've gotta say that it was the best nine hours of my life!(: So you all know Kevin, right? Wow. That boy has my entire heart(: Okay I'll start at the beginning. So before the Lock In I went over to Whitley's and stuff around six. We got ready together and she made sure I looked good ;) Then when we got there I was freaking out. I was so nervous but I was super excited. So I hung around with Whitley and we walked around a little then went in the gym and sat for a while. Kevin got there and we hugged and just sat there. I was nervous big time. Then we were told to go out onto the gym floor so we did. It was surprising that they had a screamo band. But anyways we went out there. Within the first 15 minutes of the Lock In during the mosh pitting A guy's arm broke in half. I couldn't help thinking that it was awesome. lol. He didn't look hurt he was just staring at it and ran out of the gym. Likewise, Everyone followed. Whitley started walking out there to get a glimpse so me and Kevin followed. Held hands(: So that happened. Then we went into the computer lab and sat down in freakin sweet spinny chairs(: Still holding hands. Zack said we're a cute couple(: I love being told that me and Kevin are a cute couple. Lets me know that we're meant to be(: but anyways after a while in there we went walking a little and we sat down with his friends in the cafeteria. He has weird friends lol :P But they started to play cards. Eventually everyone just gave up. After that we pretty much just followed Whitley around to the computer lab and stuff. The Lock In had some weird games. Duck duck goose. Musical Chairs. Twister. Lots of board games. people got their faces painted. I liked the computer lab cause it was dark and the music was blasted up(: We spent a little time hanging out with people in the computer lab. Hugging alot. Whitley was having fun flirting with Bobby and Zack ;) Me and Kevin then went and kept walking back and forth between the cafeteria and the computer lab holding hands for like a half hour. I love holding hands(: so around that time it was like midnight or one. Hell if I know. I was trying to keep my mind offa the time so it didn't' go by fast. Meanwhile, me and Kevin went into the top of the gym and cuddled(: It was so nice to be in the arms of the love of my life. He was nice and cozy(: I just wanted to fall asleep then and there(: Whitley came by from the computer lab and took a picture of us then left. The gym was loud and there was alot of people but being in Kevin's arms just made me feel so safe and secure as if it was only me and him there. It was like that whole night just belonged to us. I didn't realize how nice it would be to be in a serious relationship. I'm so happy I'm with Kevin. He makes me smile and laugh. He's the nicest guy I've ever met. He's such a sweetheart. He gives me butterflies and I always wanna be with him. I Love him with all my heart. Sorry.... kinda got off topic there(: But back to the story. We were cuddling til about two in the morning. Then he was really tired and stuff. He wanted to take a nap so he layed down on the concrete. I told him he could use my lap as his pillow and he did(: It was sooo friken cute! He then fell asleep and I moved all the hair out of his face so it wouldn't bother him while he was sleeping (cause I know it bothers him when he's not sleeping) And I just kept stroking his head all while he slept. I thought it might make him sleep better cause I sleep good when my dad randomly stokes my head. Of course I had to be a stalker and watch him sleep :P Well I looked around and made sure nobody would wake him. About 6 people tried to but I shooed them away. While he was sleeping he reminded me of a kitty(: All curled up, and I was petting him(: His hair was so soft just like a kittens. He was like a kitty wanting some love. I could defiantly picture him with Cat ears and whiskers =^.^= Its not a bad thing though cause I love cats. Just saying how adorable he was when he was sleeping(: But if he's a cat then he's my cat. Any girl goes near him and they'll "accidentally" get a bullet in the face ;) I really wanted to kiss his forehead while he was sleeping but I just kept hesitating and getting nervous and I was texting Whitley about how I really want to but I didn't have the guts to. About an hour later he woke up and we cuddled some more. At that time it was around 3:30 or so. Then out of nowhere Whitley, Talor, and Zack came out of nowhere and appeared sitting next to us. Lol they were acting crazy. Kevin had his head on my shoulder and I thought it would be cute if I kissed his head. After I kissed his head he brought up his head and kissed my cheek. Wasn't expecting that one. He layed his head back on my shoulder and I really wanted Whitley to see that. So I got her attention and I kissed his head again. Right when he kissed my cheek she had got distracted and looked away. So I did it a third time and she saw it that time and she said If you had only turned your head a little you guys would've kissed. Well after that we walked to the computer lab holding hands(: He sat down in one of the spinny chairs and I went behind him and wrapped my arms around him(: It was cute! and he was holding my arms and stuff(: So I kissed his head a bunch while I was up there and he's just like It's not fair I can't do anything while I'm down here! And I'm like that's the point cause its fair for me :P And I just kept kissing his head(: After a while he stood up and we hugged a bunch then some random guy joined in our hug and ruined it. lol. But anyways, We went walking around for a good 45 minutes or so holding hands (of course). Then he noticed that his phone was dying so we went into the cafeteria by the windows to charge it. We leaned against the walls, holding hands, then we hugged. After the hug he had his arm around my waist and I had my hand on his shoulder cause he was leaning against the wall. It was almost 5 then. We were sad because the Lock In was coming to an end. We were hugging a bunch. Whitley came into the Cafe and went over and sat with Bobby. We hugged again but the time I kissed his head. Then when we stopped hugging he kissed my cheek. Then I wanted to kiss him again so I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine back. Well I kinda stopped for a while. I wanted to kiss him so bad. Then I told him "I was gonna kiss your lips but I kinda hesitated" He looked at me and I looked at him. Our eyes met. He smiled and said "You can if you want to" I don't know about him but at that moment I thought time had stopped. There was a spark right then and there that I've never felt before. So we both leaned in and kissed. It was so amazing. Everytime I think about it I turn red and my head goes spinning. That was my first kiss. It seems like a dream now and I still can't believe it but I'm so happy that I had my first kiss with Kevin. He's my first real serious boyfriend and that boy has my entire heart. I'm in love with Kevin. He's the type of guy who you want to spend your entire life with. After we kissed I couldn't help but smile and he hugged me tight(: I pulled out my phone to look at the time. I had my very first kiss with Kevin Anthony Dehner on April 2nd, 2010. 5:04 AM. Whitley was the only person who got to watch my very first kiss. What a creeper ;) After a while of standing there hugging and stuff it was time to go.... Kevin said so its probably not a good idea to kiss in front of your dad? and I said hmmm.... we'll kiss before we go out the door(: Whitley came over and really wanted to leave and was rushing us out the door. I didn't want to leave Kevin for a week for spring break. I held onto him for a couple minutes than he said well we better go. Then he turned to me and said but first.... And we kissed again :D My second kiss with Kevin and it was kinda like a make out kiss. Whitley saw that one too. lol. Then we walked out the door holding hands. I introduced him to my dad as my boyfriend. Well that sure came as a surprise to him. But that way they can get used to the thought of me having a boyfriend. Well I had imagined that I'd get yelled at but after a few days of questions about Kevin they're cool with the idea now. They know he's a serious boyfriend. Before I left I had to hug him though(: We said I love you and I sadly left with only Kevin on my mind. I still can't get my mind off of him and I don't want to(: I love him so much! Lets hope this lasts forever(: Oh and guess what? I might be going to his house on Tuesday to hang out and meet his parents. I'm kinda nervous cause I've never been introduced to a boy's parents before as their girlfriend. This should be interesting! I hope they like me ^.^ Well I'll blog about it soon enough. (3-31-10) <3

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