Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kiss and Tell? Nahhh ;)

So I went to Kevin's today around 4 30 ish. Left at midnight. I got to meet his parents for the first time! and this grandparents and uncle. They are all superrr nice :DDD I felt like family with them(: I hope I get to see them again real soon(: Ya know how I didn't leave out any details about the Lock In? Yeah well I'm gonna leave most of the details out about tonight(: Mainly because its nearly 2 AM and I just don't feel like typing all of it! XD So much had happened tonight. We all went out to eat at Friches [: Sure, When I first got there it was nervous, quiet, awkwardness. Then came cuddling. Cuddling always seems to take my nervousness away. (That and kissing :P ) Cause I feel so natural and I feel like in his arms is where I belong for the rest of my life. I know what your thinking. It has been a week and I already love him to death. You think its crazy right? Well its true. It is crazy. But I'm crazy about him so its all goood(: I'm gonna try not to bore you with my love life :P This is my 4th Blog about Kevin and I'm sure your tired of hearing about it :P I like blogging about him but I guess people get tired of hearing about it cause I'm driving my friends nuts with talking about him so much XD so I'll try not to blog about him for a while. Well.... maybe.... (: But anyways.... We have a very unique way of kissing and I love it(: Its not the normal way people make out. But who wants to be the same? Unique-ness is awesome(: I like to peek out while kissing him. lol. It was cold so we cuddled under a blanky(: I could've sworn I was gonna fall asleep. GAHHHHH!!!! He makes my head spin :D I'm gonna be by his side untill he gets tired of me cause I'm not gonna get tired of him(: And if that happens to be forever, then so be it! (: I'll try not to make blogs all about Kevin cause whomever is reading this is probably bored out of their minds so.... I guess this is it(: (Well for now.) I'm gonna think of something while I'm sleeping to blog about. Any ideas? Not really, cause all I have in mind is Kevin [:

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