Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I shower naked.

I want a pet hobo. And a squirrel. But that's not the point. Do squirrels eat spaghetti? I don't like spaghetti. But that's because the sauce is crap and I hate noodles. Hold crap, I freakin love pool noodles. They are fun to fill with water then blow out one end and splash the water into peoples faces. Faces look weird. How come the noses are such a weird shape? They're big and get in the way of kisses. Mmmmm kisses(: Today me and Kevin were laying on a rock in a creek kissing. It was fun. It was sooo cute. Wanna know whats cute? Kittens. Baby Kittens. Their little tails are absolutely adorable. I want a tail. But then it would be weird to sit. But cat ears would be much cooler. Cause then I could gauge my cat ear and be the coolest cat in the alley ;) Alley's are scary. Some guy will drag you back there and rape you so I'd watch your back if I were you. Rapers are such creeps. Creeps are cool though. Snow is really cool though. Literally, its like freezing. I hate snow. But that's because I really just don't like the cold. I love it when my hands are cold but then I go and hold hands with Kevin and his hands are really warm. Gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. I like fuzzy socks. They keep my feet nice and warm. But then I hate it when I wear socks to bed and I wake up and one or both of my socks are missing. Where do they go?!?!? Dreamland. They fall into my dreams while I'm sleeping. Or they dig through my skull, into my brain, and hide there until they get bored. Either one works. I love how in scary movies they sometimes drill into people heads. Its pretty sweet. Mmmm Ice cream is sweet too. I like the good kind. Wanna know whats good? Fritos. I once had a great aunt names Frita and she died so I'd always call her frito. Fritos's are salty. I love salt. I pour mountains of it on everything. Mountains make me think of sky lifts. When I'm in Tennessee I always go on a sky lift and I like to count how many shoes I see while we go up the mountain. Then we take pictures and I'm afraid I'll drop the camera. Camera's are fun to play with. I like to take videos on them of my friends cause then if I catch a funny moment I can go back and make that part a picture. I used to want to be a Photographer so I would always carry my camera with me everywhere and take pictures of nature. Speaking of nature I want an ant farm. I mean, I used to have one. We had this old cooler and it was filled with sand so I put some rocks and plants and stuff in there and I gathered up a good 100 big black ants. They were fun to watch. Then a couple days later after watching them non stop I got bored with them. Then I drowned them all. Dead ants. I accidentally killed my hamster once. Her name was Delilah and she looked so hungry and I was eating a Vanilla Waffer so I gave her a little piece of one. Poor thing died the next day. I didn't really cry because I knew why she died. I like crying sometimes. It feels good to cry every now and then. Though I cry alot so I don't really feel any better. I hate it when I cry near my friends and they all freak out and give me lame patty hugs. I hate pat hugs. Why pat backs? Its a good thing Kevin doesn't do that or I'd slap him. Haha. He squeezes sometimes during hugs and I like that. Kevin always makes me think of cats. He's just like a cat. I want fur like a cat. That would be awesome. But I wouldn't wanna be all hairy. Kevin's hair feels so soft just like a cat. Why do I keep bringing Kevin up? Oh that's right, because I love him [: But yeah hair. My hair takes around an hour to do in the morning before school. I get up at 5:15 and the bus comes and 6:33. Yeah that sucks.... Half the time I wake up late at 6. Then my hair looks like crap. But I gotta a boyfriend now I don't have to look good every day. He says he doesn't care if I look good or not he loves me just the way I am. So if I wore hobo rags to school, no makeup, shaved my head bald, He wouldn't care? I should try that one day. Well I kinda need my hair.... Its cute. I also need gauges. My ears used to be a size 4 gauges but my parents made me take them out. Now I'm getting a bunch of gauges and I'll re gauge them in like a year or two. I hate looking up gauges on like google or yahoo. It comes up as car crap. I don't think I wanna gauge my ears with the needle detector things on cars that apparently are called gauges. I was looking up pictures of ear gauges on google and I saw pictures of people who would gauge their noses, backs of their necks, lip, eye brow, and crazy stuff like that. It was awsssoooommmmeeeee!! :D Though it would gross out other people. I'm strong(: I'm obsessed with piercings. And I love to see guys with a bunch of tattoos. You all know Oli Sykes, Right? Ha! If you don't your stupid. He is like the hottest man alive. Though I wouldn't want to say that on here cause Kevin will most likely read this... Sorry Kevin.... Well you probably think some girl is the hottest girl alive too so yeah..... But yeah Oli Sykes. He has emo hair and his entire body tattooed. He has this one tattoo on his knuckles and it says "Drop Dead" With random symbols under it like @ and $ and a heart and a umbrella and stuff like that. I have that picture up on my wall ;) He is also the lead screamo for Bring Me The Horizon. One of the most amazing screamo bands out there. I love screamo. It calms me down when I go psycho. Screams are like a lullaby to my ears. Though Kevin has me hooked on Fall Out Boy right now. I know that aren't screamo but they are still really amazing! (: I'm going back to piercings for a minute. I want Zombie piercings. Don't know what they are? Hopefully you know the terms for piercings cause I'm just gonna tell you the fancy names for them. Its when you have Angel bites, Snake bites, Limbreh pierced, and the middle of the top lip all pierced. So that's 6 piercings around the lips. Well if I had Zombie piercings I would put string through the rings and it would look like my lips are sewn shut. I couldn't kiss like that though. I'm not THAT crazy to get zombie piercings though. I want my limbreh done though when I'm older. And double zero gauges. I hate it when people say that I'm stupid for gauging my ears and that gauges are stupid and they hate gauges. I can't stand that. Can't they keep their opinion to themselves? I mean, yeah, I know that The first amendment says freedom of speech but if they get freedom of speech then I think I could get Freedom of bash peoples faces in with toasters when they tick you off. Yeah I think that would work just fine. I have a long hit list. Its more like a book than a list. I have grudges all the way back from fourth grade. Then I memorize who it is and what they did. I'm the type to keep a grudge. I even have grudges against my own best friends. I keep that to myself though. When I'm around them I try not to attack them. I hate meeting new people. I'll stick with them. They start crap alot but they're fun and random and they make me happy. I love my friends. I love my boyfriend. I love life [for the most part] I'm sure everybody has those days when they just wanna curl up like a ball in a corner, Cry their eyes out, And cut themselves. Yeah it happens. That's alright. Kevin always seems to cheer me up anyways. I try to stay mad at someone and he just has to go and make me laugh. I'm on facebook reading the groups that I've joined. Funny stuff. Pony tails are for whores. I hate them. Hair always looks better down. I don't care what anyone says about that, its true. Charlie the Unicorn cracks me up. Ever heard of Destery and Nathan? If you wanna laugh your butts off at hilarious jokes and pervertedness and stuff go to Youtube right now. I mean it. Type in Desandnate and click on their channel. Funniest dudes on the planet, I swear. Though be warned they are pervs and foul mouths ;) I've watched all their videos like 10 times each. Now I wanna watch them again. I wanna go to Walmart with a group of friends. Don't know why.... Just wanna. I love natural pockets. If your female you know what I'm talking about. haha. safest place to put stuff nowadays. Yeah well I'm running out of things to say. And I feel like I'm talking to myself so I'm out. Peace.

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