Monday, April 5, 2010

You Live and You Learn.

~If you have a secret, Hide it well.
~Don't fall for someone who isn't willing to catch you.
~Never fall for more than one guy at once.
~Gauging your ears hurts extremely much.
~You friends WILL get annoyed if you talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend nonstop
~Punching somebody in the face at school will cause you to get in trouble.
~Hurting yourself also hurts the ones close to you.
~If you have emo hair people will assume you want to kill yourself.
~Talking back to your parents will cause you to get grounded.
~Don't put off everything til the last minute.
~If you like a guy and he ignores you, chances are he's not interested.
~Pretending to be sick doesn't work these days.
~Size 6 gauges won't pass as ordinary earrings.
~Normally all the really hott guys are already taken.
~"Sorry that was my last piece of gum" is almost always a lie.
~Don't fall for an army guy.
~Girls will use you just like guys.
~If your charger has 12 knots in it, most likely your phone isn't gonna charge.
~Tattoos are forever, Guys are whatever.
~Dating long distance sucks.
~If your not over someone, Don't date someone else.
~If friends see your hurt they will ask alot of annoying questions.
~When math teachers say "You'll need this in the future" it probably won't be needed.
~Usually the girl wears the pants in relationships.
~Those girls who say "I hate drama" start alot of it.
~"Sorry I forgot my homework at home" usually means "Sorry I didn't do it but I'm stalling for more time"
~If you look around and somebody is staring at you, They either like you or you look weird.
~If you don't pay attention and expect to pass, your wrong.
~Don't think that makeup is invincible.
~Staring at the clock to make time go faster normally makes time go by slower.
~Usually you get a huge, noticeable zit on a very important day.
~Girls sometimes cry just so the guy would hold them tight.
~When you clean your room, you'll get distracted by the cool stuff you thought you had lost.
~If something says do not swallow.... its probably not good to swallow it....
~Guys like sluts because they're sluts. Nothing else.
~Everyone has something to say about one another. (Cheerleader walks past girl dressed in all black) C- "Emo Freak" G- "Slutty Whore"
~"I'm right" "No your not" "I'm definatly right" "No your really not" "I'm right!!!! oh..... nevermind..."

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