Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kevin Baby.

Remember the last story of Kevin? Yeah well here's another(: So tomorrow is the Lock In.....(: We're superrrr excited about it cause we get to hang out for nine hours(: Back to the story though. So yesterday we were texting all day (of course) and he randomly asked me if he can be honest with me. Obviously my heart started racing and I told him sure go ahead(: Then he sent me this text saying "Well we have only been talking a few days and I'm starting to like you alot and I was wondering if you would go out with me?" It was so cute(: But what girl likes being asked out over text? I started asking him if that text is real and stuff and we started talking and stuff then I was honest with him and I sent him this really long message about how much I like him and stuff. He's a really shy and nervous guy so I asked him if he thinks he has the guts to ask me out at school today. He said stuff like yeah he can but he can't do it around my friends (adds pressure) We decided that he would ask me out again today :D I was so freaking happy(: I'm pretty sure we all know what my answer was gonna be ;) I just didn't want to be asked out over text. So I planned this whole thing out that night about how I'm gonna say yes. I thought we would be in a classroom during lunch sitting down and stuff. nope. He asked me out at the very beginning of lunch right in the middle of the hall. He's so unpredictable(: lol. Well then after that I threw down my binder and my purse and stuff and I hugged him. It was soooo cute! I said yes while we were hugging (: Then we stood there hugging for like 5 minutes. literally. And what do you know, Whitley was standing there staring at us the whole time. Haha(: Well then we went to the room with all my friends. Nobody told me what the first day of going out is like. I always thought it'd be something like "hey" "hi" "how are you?" "good" "that's good" Well I never had an actual serious boyfriend before. I mean, Yeah I've dated like 6 guys, but none of them took it seriously. Kevin, on the other hand, when we went walking with Whitley to the locker he put his arm around my waste and I put mine around his(: Wasn't expecting that one ferr suree. Then we walked into the computer lab just like that (That's where all his friends hang out and stuff) We got stared at by everyone there. It was freaky. I loved it(: We went back to the room after that and we sat on the desks like we all do at lunch. Everyone was just talking and being crazy and stuff. Then he randomly layed his head on my shoulder. Then He wrapped his arms around my tummy. Wow(: I was sure that my heart was gonna burst right out of my chest. Whitely took pictures(: They're soo cute! Dudeee.... Kevin smells so good! He's adorable. He's says and does thee cutest things! He's so random though(: You'll never know what he does next. I love him so much(: 3-31-10(:

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