Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay so here's the thing. I'm a Freshmen in high school and I have no clue what I want in my future. We keep doing lame career surveys in school and its just making me even more confused. Of course I used to have huge plans. I went through the veterinarian phase. Then there was the dog groomer. Then there was a photographer. Then there was a chef. But honestly I don't know what to do. No jobs suits me at all. I'm not a leader, I can't good, I hate kids, I'm not smart, I'm not good with computers, I can't clean, I have a fear of talking to people I don't know, I'm not good with animals, I can't farm, I can't be a house wife, I'm not good at science, math, english and especially social studies, I can't dance, I can't dance, I hate politics, I can't work in quiet, I can sing but lets grab ahold of reality and take it for a ride, shall we? You need money to be famous. Sure, Everybody wants to famous at some point in their life but not me. I wanna stay out of that drama. Plus being rich is too cliche. Rich people are all snobby and stuck up. (sorry for my steroetyping) I can draw but I can't make a future out of that. And guess what else? I don't enjoy the ideal of college. Honestly I detest it. I don't wanna go to college. When I tell people that they always say "oh thats okay you have 3 more years to decide" but every single one of my friends know what they want to do when they're older. Its make me feel pressured into having to think of what to do. Well I'm tired of thinking about it cause There isn't a job that matches my personality. And I WILL NOT have a job that I don't enjoy. I mean, Whats the point in working all day and coming home feeling like crap? I want to have pride in what I do. But theres the whole college thing..... I don't wanna go. End of story. But seriosuly.... What can I do that I'll like? The one question I fret to answer because the answer is unknown and that one question determines my future.

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