Wednesday, March 24, 2010


She's trying hard to keep her sane,
She's gently smiling to hide the pain,
They see somethings wrong but they don't ask,
Cause she's a liar behind a mask,

The blade sits coldly beneath her bed,
She says she won't stop until she's dead,
Make up covered scars lie on her wrist,
She doesn't realize that she'd be missed,

Bloodshot eyes from all the crying,
She says she's fine but she's just lying,
She plays with the blade like its a toy,
Seeing all the blood fills her with joy,

She carves the word lies into her arm,
She wants to die but she means no harm,
Stabs the blade in and her wrist won't bend,
She has sliced the vein and its the end,

She is dead and buried in her lies,
She had left without and goodbyes,
A note there but her spirit will go,
She was just another lonely EMO.

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