Monday, March 29, 2010

Falling in Love.

Falling in love is such an easy thing to do.

So there's this boy....
Okay so the funny thing is, is that about a week ago my sister tried to hook me up with this dude and it didn't work. lol But yesterday he put his number on Facebook so I texted him saying "Its not safe to put your number on Facebook, Creeps might text you :P" and we've been texting literally non stop since. He's the sweetest little thing! He goes to my school and I never really acknowledged his existence until now. He's a sophomore and I'm a freshman. We've been asking each other questions about ourselves and I really know soooo much about him. In only a day! He's superrrr nice! He's always being a sweetheart to me and telling me nice things and stuff(: He's really funny too! When I'm texting him I get butterflies and When I look at my phone and it says 'One unread message from Kevin' I get all excited and get that bubbly feeling and almost scream his name(: Today at school was so amazing. He wanted to hang out with me at lunch but we were both superrr nervous. Whitley stalked him down and basically dragged him into the room we were all in. Wow she has the guts that I wish I had(: Today we had our first in person conversation and it was great. He was nervous so he didn't talk much but when he did it was amazing(: He gives off this aura of "Stay away from me" But when he's texting he's not nervous so his aura completely flips. Tomorrow will probably be better cause now we're more used to each other(: He's texting me now and he's all excited to hang out with me tomorrow :D wow he's great. He keeps giving me that bubbly feeling. The best way to stop loving somebody is start loving somebody else. At this rate he's gonna make me fall for him <3> bunches of stuff in common(: Did I mention that he's superrr cute? Well he is(: We keep flirting while texting. lol its fun(: Okay so this Thursday is the day before spring break. My school is doing this huge event called the "Lock In" It starts at 9 PM and it ends at 6 AM. Overnight party in the school. Well Kevin asked if I was going but I said no cause I don't think any of my friends are going. He told me that I should go so that we can hang out(: So I asked my parents and I might be able to go! (: but I'm super nervous because I've never spent that much time with a guy and he really wants to hang out with me. This should be good right? Well I'll blog about it on Friday(: Stay tuned! :DDD


  1. Listen I know I may sound severly weird. Ask him if he's a werewolf.

  2. Oooh. Kevin,
    wink wink (;
    Haha! Well, I juss came across your blog.
    So far so good. (:
    Creeps might text youu! :O
    Lmfao. :D
    Check my blog out.