Thursday, March 25, 2010

My best friends.

My friends are my life. Literaly! They mean everything to me. And Imma tell you a little about them (cause I know some of them will be reading this) But the only really important ones are the best ones. First of all their is Amber. She is the closest person to me. She seriously knows everything about me. I tell her the secrets that I can't tell the others. She accepted me from the start and we've been best friends since. She's so amazing ly funny. I spend weeks at her house and I'm still not tired of it! I wanna live there. Her mom loves me and she wants to adopt me but my parents won't let her. lol. Amber is really nice. She will joke around though but the fun kind of joking around(: She is a hugggeeee pervert! But of course, in the funny way. I love how we're never mad at eachother and she doesn't judge me unlike all the others. She moved in with her mom at the begining of the school year but not too far so every chance I get I go over there(: When she moved, she taught me how to stand on my own two feet. She gave me the confidence I needed to help me through my freshmen year (cause we all know how hard it is to start high school) I absolutly love their family. They so nice! And wayyy exciting! You never know what's gonna happen next cause her younger sister is a juvinile delinquint. But I love them all(: though I could live without her chihuahua attacking me every time I go over there. I love you girl!.....Okay, Then there's Whitley. Whitley's the type where she will be friends with anybody unlike Amber who trys to stay out of friendship (I'm the exception(: ) She has so many friends so its hard to talk when she's around all of us. But she's really nice(: She's a perv too but Amber is a much bigger perv. haha. Somehow I seem to attract pervs cause all my friends are pervs! I've only spent the night at her house twice but its fun(: Ha, all we do is sit around, text, and sleep. I don't really like having friends over to my house cause my parents are psychos. Whitley and I went through Marching Band season together(: We decorated our Clarinets and ticked off all of the skanks in band(: It was fun! But next year she might be joining the stupid color gaurd so that blows.... She's really funny(: but tick her off and your dead! We're trying to fill a wall in her room of my drawings and poems(: Its wicked(: haha. I love you Wit! Then there's Aaron. He's unlike any other guy. He's super sweet! He's sooooo freaking nice. He can seriously make anybody laugh, anytime, no matter what mood they're in. He's amazing. Okay. There's Michaela. She's really nice(: She makes me laugh. She's funny (and a perv) and she's got some crazy long curly hair! Its so pretty! She's a good friend(: And she's single boys ;) Then There's Crystal. Crystal is like genius smart! She gets really good grades and she's nice but she can be mean. She gets ticked at me alot but we always seem to get over it. She's got some crazy hair! crazy as it crazyy!!! Then there's Bridget. She's kinda weird (in the good way) She's so little. lol. She's pretty and nice(: not much of a perv though. We don't talk as much as we used to but that's because nowadays I hang out with Aaron at lunch. There's Mariah. She's really quiet and don't talk much but she's always giggling and smiling. Creep. Haha jk. There's Tristin. She doesn't live in the same state as me. We met on runescape about 3 years ago and been besties since(: We text alot and she is gorgeous(: She keeps changing her hair but change is good. She's really nice and I wish I could know her in person. She makes me laugh alot. She can be moody at times because she's bipolar but it makes things interesting. She told me her life story and its really sad. I won't say it on here cause its personal. Welp.... Those are my besties(: The first 3 are my Best Best Best friends though(: Amber, Whitley, And Aaron. I'd take a bullet for them. Well.... maybe not in the head but in the leg or something..... haha :D My friends are what make me, me. I love you guys!

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