Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I'm sitting here at the computer bored like crap. And I'm pretty sure if you have a myspace or facebook (or both) you probably realize that it gets boring after awhile. Of course though at the begining its all fun and exciting cause its something new but once you've sat there and just kept pressing "HOME" to see if you have something new, you finally begin to realize that nobody's gonna send you anything. And then there's the thing on myspace that when you get something new a (1) appears next to your inbox and once you see it your all excited and everything....till you realize it was just an App notification. That sucks. And then on facebook you can't even customize your own profile. Its all colorless and boring. You can join really funny like "The man who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?!?" and "Its been like 12 years, That rabbit deserves some freaking Trix already!" But whats the point of those? You laugh, You join, And you never look at them again. I don't even bother with Twitter. It sounds lame to me. I was trying to think of something new to do on the computer.... Not a game like Evoy or Runescape. Or a video thing like youtube and veoh. But something where I can post my thoughts and poetry (and opinions) I post my poetry on my myspace but lets be realistic.....Who bothers to look at your myspace blog? plus those can only reach your friends and I want a bigger audience than that. Of course there's always the chance that nobody will read this.... But it makes me feel good to type out all this. And with this post, I start my blogging!

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  1. oh, my, goodness! I feel the exact same thing. It's like LAME. Sometimes I only get on facebook to check peoples status except all this stupid farmvill shit is in the way. You got me hooked on blogging now, but the only thing is... who's ganna read it? :P